Business and the unit was managing an Event. The

Business is
something which can range from a one person enterprise to a large globalised
corporation, it is an economic engine of a country, by providing employment and
income to the working population, providing for society by innovation of
products and services, fulfilling our necessities as well as generating foreign
capital. International business provides jobs helps run a countries economy,
international business worldwide economy. It teaches you the inner and outer
work of an organisation, how organisations operate, consumer behaviour and how
this is identified, also the different marketing strategies organisations use
and the finance and logistics and everything in between.

Studying business,
within its different modules I was able to study many different aspects of
business such as Selection and Recruitment, Managing an Event two of which I
has found very interesting.  There were
many other modules that I studied as part of business and hopefully I want to
be able to expand my knowledge at degree level to study International Business
and be able to learn about how it globally operates, within different region
and parts of the world.

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Through business I have
learnt many skills, I participated in a charity event as part of a unit we
studied, and the unit was managing an Event. The charity event required me to
work as part of a team, to plan and carry out the event, this alone helped me
pick up many skills such as team working skills and leadership skills by
providing my ideas and support and working to create this event with my team to
collect as many donations as we could.

During my free
time, I provide mentoring to secondary school students, I have also participated
in sports leaders and joined sports such as basketball and badminton in
college. Outside of college I have volunteered within charity work, which has
involved me collecting donation, I also volunteered at the Cancer Research and
Children’s Society charity shops, I feel like this has improved my
communication skills and my time management skills as it required me
interacting with various people and managing my time with college work as well
as my other extra-curricular.   

Barclays is a
successful multi-national bank and finance Service Company and I had the
opportunity to do work experience. It provided me an insight in the working
world, it empowered me to make choices about my next step towards my career. I also
did work experience at Accountancy Company which was Rain and Gaskell LTD, this
provided me a vision of what the finance part of business is like and helped me
understand if it was for me. I gained a lot of knowledge through work
experience and learnt many new skills.

My curiosity in
business began as I grew up experiencing my own family business, which
sometimes required my parents to travel to various countries. Some of which I was
fortunate enough to see for myself and see how business is conducted, and get
an insight within a business profession. Getting the chance to explore different
aspects of business it’s become prominent to me the extent to which those
working within the field for international business have an impact on the
global economy. It has become my aspiration to work within the international
domain to gain knowledge about how different
businesses from across the globe communicate and cooperate with each other to make
transactions and trades. This course allows me to combine my interest for
business and captivation towards different countries and their cultures the
skills I will gain from this course will form a strong foundation towards my
understanding of international business for these reasons I believe that this
course ideal for me.

In conclusion I would like to outspread my thanks for giving
me the chance to speak my mind about my application. Thank you, I will be
looking forward for your response.