Bobby respite care homes, Orangewood Children Foundation, etc. Along


and Emotion

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9, 2018

Unit 1 DB #2

            When it comes to past experiences, I
am sure that many people are influenced by those experiences. It could be
negative experiences in which a person decides to let it haunt he/she or that
person can overcome it by leaving it in the past. With negative past
experiences someone can continue down the wrong path or choose to better
themselves down a road of success. Positive experiences in the past normally
have a good impact on a person’s future. Past experiences, education,
environment, genetics, and upbringing are some things that people would carry
with them from the past to the future (Amir, 2011).

            I know when I was a young boy I was
in and out of the foster care system for approximately five plus years. I had
been to over 30 different placements including foster homes, group homes,
respite care homes, Orangewood Children Foundation, etc. Along with many
different homes, I was bouncing around in many different schools also. There were
a couple of times that my mother would get my siblings and I back but the court
eventually terminated her rights as a parent. The reason being was because we
consistently kept entering in the system and she was labeled as unfit. My
mother always had a roof over her kids head, clothes on our back, and food in
the fridge. I later found out that she would use drugs often. Despite going
through that, I have always maintained a positive outlook on life. I know many
kids who grew up going through this and turn out not as lucky as I did. As far
as drugs, my mother as well as almost every other uncle, aunt, older cousin
would use them so I chose not to do any drugs knowing that they all used them.

            I feel that people who are highly
motivated by their past experience are very passionate or impassionate about
the past encounters. According to “Overview of Motivation”, biological,
psychological, and environmental sources drive the way a person feels, thinks
or acts (n.d.). In the workplace motivation plays a big role. Some workers are
motivated by the money while others are motivated by incentives, recognition,
or self-motivation (Scott, n.d.).