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BobbyHuddlestonMotivationand EmotionProfessorFuentesJanuary9, 2018Unit 1 DB #2            When it comes to past experiences, Iam sure that many people are influenced by those experiences. It could benegative experiences in which a person decides to let it haunt he/she or thatperson can overcome it by leaving it in the past. With negative pastexperiences someone can continue down the wrong path or choose to betterthemselves down a road of success. Positive experiences in the past normallyhave a good impact on a person’s future.

Past experiences, education,environment, genetics, and upbringing are some things that people would carrywith them from the past to the future (Amir, 2011).             I know when I was a young boy I wasin and out of the foster care system for approximately five plus years. I hadbeen to over 30 different placements including foster homes, group homes,respite care homes, Orangewood Children Foundation, etc. Along with manydifferent homes, I was bouncing around in many different schools also. There werea couple of times that my mother would get my siblings and I back but the courteventually terminated her rights as a parent. The reason being was because weconsistently kept entering in the system and she was labeled as unfit. Mymother always had a roof over her kids head, clothes on our back, and food inthe fridge.

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I later found out that she would use drugs often. Despite goingthrough that, I have always maintained a positive outlook on life. I know manykids who grew up going through this and turn out not as lucky as I did. As faras drugs, my mother as well as almost every other uncle, aunt, older cousinwould use them so I chose not to do any drugs knowing that they all used them.

            I feel that people who are highlymotivated by their past experience are very passionate or impassionate aboutthe past encounters. According to “Overview of Motivation”, biological,psychological, and environmental sources drive the way a person feels, thinksor acts (n.d.).

In the workplace motivation plays a big role. Some workers aremotivated by the money while others are motivated by incentives, recognition,or self-motivation (Scott, n.d.