Biological I can see as a lifelong career. I

sciences have always fascinated me because of their direct relevance in our
lives, especially in human health. I first
became aware of the importance of our scientific understanding at the age of 8,
when my little sister suddenly lost the use of her arm. The life of our family was thrown
upside down as the doctors tried to
understand why this had happened. Eventually she was diagnosed with Chiari
malformation, seeing my sister regain the use of her arm after surgery left a
powerful impression on me.

Whilst on my gap year I have acquired a special
educational needs teaching assistant job, which involves supporting the
learning of children in subjects like Maths and Science. It is extremely
rewarding seeing the positive impact both educationally and socially. I lead a
social skills intervention which benefits children struggling with autism and
Asperger’s, it prompts them to have positive interactions with one another and
will hopefully stand them in stead for the rest of their lives.

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Sharing my appreciation of science with young people is
something I have thoroughly enjoyed; my time in the school has reinforced my
desire to work in an educational environment, and being able to combine this
with a subject I am passionate about is something I can see as a lifelong

I plan on going to Uganda this summer to teach English
and deliver projects to improve the lives of people in rural communities, I
believe this will further develop my skills of self-awareness and maximise my
personal potential and fulfilment. 

My passion for science has lead me to read many inspiring
books, most recently I read ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins. Dawkins
explains that genes are the drivers for life; he uses the principles of
evolution to demonstrate that although previously we thought that natural
selection was the honing of the individual, it is in fact the gene itself that
is trying to survive.

My time management skills allow me to engage in a range
of activities outside of my academic studies. I enjoy various sports, having
completed the 40 mile Ten Tors, captained my school, local and university
netball teams, and competed successfully in regional athletics and swimming
competitions. I was able to develop my teamwork and leadership skills at many
charity events, and at my school prefect meetings. As a prefect at school, I
was proactively involved in organising open evenings and voicing the opinions
of my peers. It also involved me giving speeches to large numbers of students,
improving my public speaking and confidence.

I am aware
of the demands of science degree but my desire has been strengthened working
among teachers and I believe I have the right attributes to undertake the
demands of being a student.