Bangladesh of one fourth of the property. For any

Bangladesh is a country of 3rd world and eachsocial protection for human isn’t up to the mark. In Bangladesh the percentage of women is 49.56 %.Accordingto the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled fromofficially recognized sources in 2016.(1). Among them Unemployed women is 5.1%according to World Bank (2).

But there is no specific survey for single motherin Bangladesh. Social Protection for Single Mother:Social Protection: SocialProtection plays an important role for the vulnerable people in undeveloped ordeveloping countries like Bangladesh and it also varies from country tocountry. In Bangladesh social protection for women means to provide protectionand help such as security, health, financial support, Legal Rights ETC.           Ø Legal Rights for Women in Bangladesh Actually all sorts of legal rights for women is applicable for singlemother.

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The legal laws or rights for single mother are describing below: The Law can be divided into two parts:·       ReligiousLaw·       Lawby Government of Bangladesh ·       ReligiousLaw: 1.    According toIslamic law, The property rights for Women is –a.      If the husbandof the woman had died and the late person doesn’t have any children or doesn’thave any grandson or generations down wards than wife entitled of one fourth ofthe property. For any children the wife will get one eighth of property.b.

      If the late personhave son or grandson than wife (One or More than one) together will get oneeight of the property.2.     According to the Christian Law, The Christianis the minor but very important part of Bangladesh. Christian women propertyrights are – If a late person has children than widow will have one third ofproperty. If the late person doesn’t have children than widow will have theownership of whole property. 3.    Among Hindus inBangladesh, the right for single women is not clear at all.

  A large number of women are also excludedfrom inheritance. Widows inheriting properties from their husband also inheriton limited rights (i.e. life interest).4.     The Buddhists in Bangladesh are also governedby Hindu laws.    ·       Lawby Government of Bangladesh  Under the 1972Constitution of Bangladesh, women’s rights are protected under the broad anduniversal principles of equality and participation.

In the below, the articlesare related with the principle of the Constitution: a.     Article 10 of the Constitution provides that stepsshall be taken to ensure participation of women in all spheres of nationallife.b.     Article 19 (1) provides that the State shall endeavorto ensure equality of opportunity to all citizens. c.

      Article 27 specifies that all citizens are equal beforethe law and are entitled to equal protection of the law.d.     Article 28 (1) provides that the State shall notdiscriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex,or place of birth.

e.     Article 28 (2) more directly and categorically saysthat women shall have equal rights with men in all spheres of the State and ofpublic life. This latter provision means that all rights mentioned in theConstitution, such as right to life, right to personal liberty, right toproperty, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom to exercise aprofession or occupation are equally applicable to women in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a number ofspecial laws, specifically prohibiting certain form of violence against womenincluding the Penal Code, 1860, the Anti-Dowry Prohibition Act (1980), theCruelty to Women Ordinance (1983), the Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act(1993;), and the Prevention of Repression against Women and Children Act(2000).(3)https://www. Ø Real Scenario for women RightsInBangladesh, there exist many laws and rights for single mother. But they existon the law book only.

Because, o  Beinga single mother, maximum time they don’t get any help from the society.Sometime they don’t get any support from their family also so they can’t takeany legal action.o  Theyare not aware about their right because lack of legal knowledgeo  Thereare many lawyers who does not work for single mother or demand the fees more.o  In the informal economy, women get a lower wages than menin the same work place. o  For women in Bangladesh, ifany woman seeks divorce there she has to provide valid reason for divorce but interms of men it depends on their wish only.o  Interms of property matter, a son gets a share of his paternal property (if thereare no legal documents) but for a daughter, there is no chance to get paternalproperty after marriage (if they don’t / do have any brother, if there are nolegal documents). o  According to Violence on Womenin Bangladesh, Nari Pakha Report, (Dhaka: 2000). Bangladeshi womenface different forms of violence by men on a daily basis.

One research report1published in 2000 by a reputed women’s non-governmental organization inBangladesh shows that 30% of the women in the cities are battered by theirhusbands, 37% are victims of verbal insults and harassment, and 33% are victimsof other forms of domestic violence. Another survey reveals that among thevictims of physical violence, 23% are rape victims, 22% acid-throwing victims,10% burn-victims, 5% are victims of poisoning, forced abortion and other kindsof violence.(4)

html#1  o  Sometimesingle women (specially divorced women) are physically tortured by thereligious leaders as a punishment for very offence work. The punishment is such as the humiliating and degrading public whippingand stoning. There is no legal sanction for local judgment; it is simply a partof traditional practice but the women don’t aware of this illegal practice.

o  Inrural area, maximum divorce occurs due to dowry system.o   Tends to became a sexworker by forcing of brokero  Now days the rape cases are increasingin an alarming rate. Single mother are the main victim of this case becausethey used to stay alone and they don’t have proper knowledge about theirsafety. They don’t get proper judgment also due to lack legal knowledge and support        Action already has been taken:Ø Bangladesh Legal Aid and Service trust (BLAST) are working on the legal consultancyand currently operating in 19 districts across the country.

Ø The Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’Association (BNWLA) are working for ensure the women and children legal rights. Action can be taken: Ø Legal consultancy:   Links:1.