Automated Essay Grading (AEG) system [8] was developed by

Automated Essay Grading (AEG) system 8 was developed by Siddhartha and Sameen in the year 2010. The aim of the system is to overcome the problems of influence of local language in English essays while correcting and by giving correct feedback to writers. AEG is based on NLP and some of the Machine Learning (ML) techniques. Auto-assessor was developed in year 2011 by Laurie and Maiga 9 with an aim to automatically score student short answers based on the semantic meaning of those answers. Auto-assessor is underpinned by NLP technique. This system consists of component based architecture. The components are created in order to reduce the sentences to their canonical form which are used in preprocessing of both supplied correct answers as well as student response.In 2012, Manvi Mahana, Mishel Johns, Ashwin Apte presented a paper on Automated Essay Grading Using Machine Learning 10 which aims to build an automated essay scoring system using a data set of ?13000 essays from They divided the essays  into 8 different sets based on context and extracted features such as total word count per essay, sentence count, number of long words, part of speech counts etc from the training set essays. They used a linear regression model to learn from these features and generate parameters for testing and validation and used 5-fold cross validation to train and test our model rigorously. They chose forward feature selection algorithm to arrive at a combination of features that gives the best score prediction.Ade-Ibijola, Wakama and Amadi developed Automated Essay Scoring (AES) an Expert System (ES) for scoring free text answers 11 in August, 2012. AES is based on Information Extraction (IE). This ES is composed of three primary modules as: Knowledge Base, Inference Engine and Working Memory. Inference engine uses shallow NLP technique to promote the pattern matching from the inference rules to the data contained in knowledge base. The NLP module contains: a Lexical Analyzer, a Filter and a Synonyms Handler module. Shihui Song, Jason Zhao developed the Automated Essay Scoring software 12 in 2013.They built an automated essay scoring system to score approximately 13,000 essay from an online Machine Learning competition They evaluated Linear Regression, Regression Tree, Linear Discriminant Analysis, and Support Vector Machines on our features.