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Athletes have been taking steroids since the mid 19th century and this means it has been affecting people since then. students at the Long Valley Middle School are researching steroid use in athletes.  Performance enhancing drugs are a major issue in sports and could also end the career of many athletes. Performance enhancing drugs are a huge issue in the us for many reasons. Steroids are also a man made drug which can be very harmful to the human body. Steroid use in athlete is a very serious issue for many reasons such as it can affect an athlete negatively long term with cancers, diseases, etc, the use in steroids has increased over the past 10 years and many believe the penalty for steroid use should be more severe.There are many possible negative long term effects an athlete can get from taking steroids. There are a lot of side effects that one can get from taking steroids, such as cancers and other diseases. Steroids can cause side effects such as depression, aggression and roid rage (Northwestern University School of Professional Studies). I think athletes should know how badly steroids can affect their career and shouldn’t do them.  “Sometimes a person who has done steroids can get multiple negative  symptoms from the drug.”  (  Steroids cause careers to end, and maybe even lives, steroids can horrifically effect an athlete and steroids aren’t the kind of drug to mess with. Steroid use has dramatically increased over the past 10 years. One reason why the usage has increased is because different types of steroids have been created, making them easier to buy     ( ). Also, The effects of these new steroids are a lot stronger than they used to be. When athletes take steroids they get addicted to them because it makes users feel stronger, more athletic and better than others (Bleacher Report,).  “When athletes take steroids and get caught it could change their career and how they perform in games forever”(Bleacher Report). since steroid use has been increasing over the years athletes feel that it isn’t as bad to do because more and more people do it, but the truth is it actually is one of the worst drugs to take because of the terrible side effects. The penalty for steroid use should also be more severe for many reasons. The penalty right now is definitely severe but not severe enough. As recently as 2002, players weren’t tested for steroids at all unless there was a specific reason why (Northwestern University School of Professional Studies). MLB has made a rule that Possible lifetime ban if steroids are used 3 times or more (ESPN). said that  “…a Senate bill calling for a two-year ban followed by a lifetime ban”  ( Leagues will make the punishment more severe for use of these drugs. Many people believe that Since most performance enhancing drugs are taken in MLB it is good the penalty is becoming more harsh.  Finally The punishment for steroid users should be more severe because it will make less athletes do steroids and will.But there may be one reason steroids are helping sports, and that is some people think it is more interesting to watch a player who is on steroids because they may do things better than other athletes. This may make children think it is cool to do steroids because they see big time athletes do it. If a player gets caught using steroids it attracts one to social media and they may read the story and this may make one get more interested in a  sport they haven’t watched before or don’t watch a lot. This may be good for a sports league or social media network but  in reality it is a athlete that may have risked their career using steroids ( However steroids are a force to be reckoned with, steroids have horrible side effects and can ruin one’s life.”around 400 people die from steroid related symptoms per year”( This shows how terrible steroids are for a human body, but athlete will still take them. Also, “It is scary how many youngsters are there who copy their professional role models.and take performance enhancing drugs”. ( This is another example of how children could be influenced by their sports role models in a bad way. Steroids are the most used drug throughout sports history, and also one of the most dangerous. Steroids can kill an athlete, or their career. The usage has been rising and the penalty needs to become more severe.  Steroids Could kill those who use them with dreadful side effects. When athletes take steroids it sets a bad example for children and other athletes. Some professional sports leagues are making or have made penalty more severe with lifetime suspension or 5+ years suspension. Athletes are being payed to do what they love but some still take the risk of being kicked out of the league and do steroids and other performance enhancing drugs and this needs to stop. Many people would like you to to make a bill saying that if you’re caught with any performance enhancing/ fat burning/ body building pills the penalty for use of these drugs will be  more severe so that less people will use them.