At Gucci’s song Make tha Trap Say Aye further

At a popular club, teenagers get lit and twerk with one another to some of the hottest trap records in the street.

As the bass of the music overpowers them, the teens chant “turn-up”, “get lit”, “hit dem folk” over and over. If the idea of this scene seems a little disturbing, then be worried. “Trap” music seeks to replicate its message of getting “turnt up” or “lit” across the country, and the teens are definitely listening. By taking this music to heart, kids and teens will only intensify their reckless behavior and could possibly put their futures at risk.”Trap” is a subgenre within rap music that has established its own culture with the youth in the south and mainly in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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It’s slang for an area within the hood where drug deals are done. It’s called the “trap” because people who live there are stuck in a never ending cycle of selling drugs and hustling as a means of survival due to the lack of resources, funding, and education. Most are either killed/die or get caught in the system and are therefore “trapped” and are unable to leave and make a better life for themselves. Although the rapper T.I. first used the term back in 2003, the word only gained began to trend in the later 2000’s when rap artist Gucci Mane released his mixtape ‘Back to the Trap’. The project only helped propel the Atlanta rap scene’s popularity, which died down in recent years.

Gucci’s song Make tha Trap Say Aye further brought trap music to the public eye when it hit the Top 10 in the Billboard charts. As the genre gained more mainstream publicity, more people were exposed to trap’s culture, which supported “gettin’ lit” by partying under the influence of smoking weed, popping pills, drinking, and engaging in sexual activities. Songs such as Gucci’s Traphouse 3 became an anthem for the “trap” movement,  as the rappers and their fans spread the music and its “turnt” lifestyle across America.