Ask Propaganda, and Telescreens. Telescreens To begin with, telescreens

Ask yourself, is it easier to
follow someone else’ opinion or to form your own? In George Orwell’s 1984, the
party focuses on dumbing people’s thought ultimately numbing their common sense
and ability to have their own thoughts and make their own decisions. It is made
vital that the Party keeps the people in a state of paranoia. The party doesn’t
welcome opposing ideas or thoughts, so they threaten death upon anyone who does
have opposing ideas or thoughts. This threat instills fear and paranoia into
the people as they wish to have their own opinion of the party. In 1984, the Inner
Party perpetuates everlasting paranoia in the people by using Newspeak,
Propaganda, and Telescreens.


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To begin with, telescreens are the
main thing used by the Party to instill fear into the people. In the text,
Winston describes the screens as omnipresent. “There was no place you could be
more certain that the telescreens were watched continuously” (Orwell, 1949, p.107).
For Winston, there was no place to hide from The Party. Everywhere he goes they
have eyes and ears on everything he does and says. This inserted fear into the
lives of the people in thinking that the Party was right and in control. A
perfect example of instilling fear is when Winston was writing in his journal
“DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” (Orwell, 1949, p.18), and he began to panic because he
was afraid the telescreen had seen what he wrote down. Telescreens were also
used to put false lies and news reports brainwashing the citizens of Oceania.
The Party decides what exactly to tell the public even if it is false
information. The Ministry of Truth is responsible for the Party’s publication
and information.




To tie in with the telescreens,
citizens of Oceania were under constant influence by propaganda. “And if all
others accepted the lie which the party imposed-if all records told the same
tale-then the lie passed into history and became the truth”(Orwell, 1949, p.34).
This quote is significant because it states that the citizens of Oceania were
under the influence of lies that were being told to be passed down from
generation to generation. To fill their heads with brain-washing nonsense. The
billboards and media throughout the village supports the idea of the
totalitarian state. This is breaking down the independence of one’s individual
mind. When “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” (Orwell, 1949, p.16) is flashed on the
screen it is an irony. The Party is telling the people they have strength due
to the fact that the citizens of Oceania are ignorant to the lies told by the
party. The more ignorant the people are to the Party’s lies, the more power the
Party has. The slogan “WAR IS STRENGTH” (Orwell, 194, p.16) is describing the
people wanting the Party to win the war they are in turning them against their
“enemy” to gain more respect and power above the people. This was a tactic to
get the people to fight for The Party who has been manipulating them into
believing the lies they tell them every day. The last slogan the Party uses is
“FREEDOM IS SLAVERY” (Orwell, 1949, p. 16). This slogan is saying that the
slavery of the people is the freedom of the Party. Bandwagon propaganda was
used by The Party with the Two Minutes’ Hate against Goldstein. The Party uses
this to have the Proles direct their anger at a specific person and believe the
reason they are angry is because of Goldstein and not them. This is an example
of bandwagon fallacy. This is when one uses a fact somebody believes in the
idea then must be true. Another threat The Party uses is to “vaporize” anybody
who does not support The Party, which eliminates doublethink and supports that
everybody loves Big Brother and if you don’t you will be eliminated. The other
fallacy is the genetic fallacy. In this case it is a rejection of an idea
because of the origin. Goldstein founded the brotherhood which is an enemy so
the Brotherhood must be an evil organization.


Lastly, the Party uses Newspeak to
keep the people under their control. This is limiting the language so the
Proles have less individual thoughts. Anything used as a negative such as
“doublethink” just creates panic throughout the citizens. “The most effective
way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of
their history.”(Orwell, 1949, p.119) It is kind of irony that there is a
Ministry of Truth that tells lies. It is made to alter public opinion into
believing what was being read was right and that The Party was correct. The
Ministry of Peace was only peaceful to The Party but not the people. The Party
would bomb Oceania to scare the Proles into believing there was a true war
going on. This was a tactic to have Eurasia and Eastasia start a war between
the two of them. The Ministry of Love was not used with love. Instead the
tortured Winston into thinking 2+2=5 and not four. The Ministry of Love sleep
deprived, starved and tortured it’s victims with their worst fear Room 101.
Nobody was released from The Ministry of Love until you believed in what The
Party wanted you to believe. The Ministry of Plenty is the correct name but
only for The Party. As you went down the food chain the less food the people
got. If you were part of the Outer Party you got second hand tasting food and
Proles were basically starved, but if they decided to rebel they would be
tortured so they continued to obey The Party.


the whole book, The Party is clearly in charge of what goes on and the only way
they are successful is keeping the citizens of Oceania in a state of fear and
paranoia. The Party inserts fear in the citizens making them not being able to
rebel in fear of their lives. “But it was alright, everything was all right,
the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big
Brother.”(Orwell, 1949, p. 298)