As they were a physically deformed group. They were

As a society we have a hardtime accepting people because they are different or have deformities. Thefreaks in the movie didn’t care they were different they thought that they werenormal people all along. They were a family and being part of the circus theywere around each other all day every day going from one town to the nextperforming shows. The “normal” people in the film had a hard time acceptingthose with freakish disabilities, thinking that they could take advantage ofthem. The factor of gaining wealth changed the normal people and made themgreedy, by trying to get the money by any means necessary.

This brings thefreaks closer together. Rallying together as a family to overcome being takenadvantage of. Cleopatra and Hercules actlike bullies making fun of the freaks for how they look and what they do. Thenormal people had no regrets in what they were saying and doing to the freaks.Crushing the feelings of the deformed and making them feel emotion. The freaksbecome more and more united as their friend Hans gets taken advantage of. Theystick together as their own family, and have one another’s back because theyare not like everyone else.

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There is a clear difference between those consideredfreaks and the normal people. The freaks through the film battle with beingdifferent and having to lookout for each other when being bullied by the normalpeople. This draws a barrier between the freaks and the normal people likeHercules and Cleopatra making them think just because they are different thatthey could easily be taken advantage of.  In conclusion the Freaks thetraveling circus they were a physically deformed group. Theywere all physically different in some way but had a great connection. Thenormal people trying to take advantage of the freaks not thinking they wouldcatch on. They could do everything that the normal people could with thedeformities that they had with out any struggles.

A person with no arms and nolegs could take out a match light the match, and then proceed to light his owncigarette easily, a woman with no arms could hold and drink a glass of beerwith her feet. Some of these everyday activates people take for granted intheir own lives. They could do everything that was needed for them to getthrough life. The normal folks were not betrayed as freaks, they had nodeformities and were just normal looking. The problem with Cleopatra and Herculeswere they had little to no morals. Cleopatra was going to fake fall in lovewith Hans then poison him at the wedding so that she could inherit the money.After the freaks or “abnormal” found this out they killed Hercules andtransformed Cleopatra into an ugly duck woman.

Being that she thought she wasbetter than the freaks, she tried to fool them with love, and kill one. She gotturned into a freak. What goes around comes around.