As these games can cause collateral damage to a

As time time passes by, a lot of new
inventions are made as well as the improvement of many things. One of these
things is technology.

Technology has evolved as years pass
by leading to very high technology inventions. This includes online games that
can be played through either computers, cellphones, laptops, and many other
gadgets with the inclusion of an internet connection. These kinds of games can
be played solo or with a group of other players that are either one’s friends
or other online players that one met through the game. The flow towards
increased online games and other interactive digital media usage does not
appear to be going away. The current generation has become exceedingly
comfortable with technology and electronic entertainment as they adapt with
recent trends which may lead to addiction. When one hears the word online
gaming addiction, it immediately makes one think negatively about online games
due to the word “addiction”. According
to Davis (2008), these games can cause collateral damage to a kid’s transcript.
Getting good grades depends on how much effort a student gives. If a student typically
gets a C, with dedication and effort, the student will become an honor student
since an additional hour of studying increases one’s average GPA to 6%. According
to Anderson & Dill (2000),
poor academic achievement is related to playing online games. The more time a
student spends on gaming, the lesser amount of time for the student to pay
attention to his and her academics due to more time being consumed in gaming
and very little or no time for studying. Gaming also contributes to a lot of
health problems just like obesity and video-induced seizures. According to Dr Philip
A Chan and Professor Terry Rabinowitz, writing in the Annals of General
Psychiatry, adolescents who spend more than an hour of online gaming may have
more intense symptoms of ADHD than the youth who do not. Having these symptoms
will cause problems in school and will hinder learning.

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According to Arshi (2017), playing video games causes
social isolation since the person will mostly stay indoors rather than going
outdoors. Teenagers who spend hours of gaming will have lesser friends than
those who do not which means they will have less friends in school due to poor
social skills and because of this, they cannot really ask for help from other
students and even teachers if they do not underastand something in one of their
lessons since they do not know how to approach others due to poor social


If online gaming has negative effects, it has
positive effects too. According to Dockrill (2016), gaming every day is linked to improvements in academic
performance. When one plays online games, one is solving puzzles and
plotting strategies which involves using some of the general knowledge and
skills in maths, reading, and science that a student has been taught during the
day. “Video games change your
brain,” according to University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green.
It changes the brain’s physical muscle thus improving it since online games
exercises the brain particularly high level thinking skills. According to Bavelier, a cognitive
scientist, games simulating stressful events such as those found in battle or
action games could be a training tool for real world situations. Playing online
games especially those who are in the genre of action, practices the brain for
quick thinking and decisions, and multitasking. These games can be used to
train soldiers and surgeons. According to Defense News, the army includes these
games to train soldiers in order
to improve their situational awareness in combat. Since they are always in a constant
battlefield which requires quick high level thinking and decisions as well as

According to James Paul Gee, professor of education at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison, says that playing a video game is similar to
working through a science problem. Just like in a laboratory, before conducting
an experiment, one must make a hypothesis which is just like that of a gamer. A
gamer must constantly explore the game so the gamer tries out new weapons and
powers in order to defeat the enemy. It is a constant cycle of trial and error
because if one of the weapons does not defeat the enemy then the player will
try another weapon and use other powers which makes these games help one
improve on inductive reasoning and hypothesis testing.

According to
Molinari (2017), being emotionally healthy is important in doing better in
school which includes allowing oneself to enjoy the things that one enjoys. So if
one loves playing online games then that person must let himself or herself
play since the happier a person is, the more likely a person will do better in
school. One must never prevent oneself in doing activities that one loves as
long as it is done in moderation.

According to a research conducted by Aliliran et
al., playing online games is
not a distraction in the lives of students and especially to their studies. It
boost or develops teamwork and knowledge for certain things. Perhaps
online games give a positive mindset to students since it is a leisurely
activity after all. It motivates them to study more after having their fun.