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As a child I always knew I wanted to study the mind, psychology and why we do the behaviors that we do. Now being a student of psychology I get to study many theories that answer some of those childhood questions. In this essay I will be discussing the social learning theory. I will inform the reader about the history and the founder behind the theory. I am then going to connect personally by using two young men whom our brothers both raised in same household with totally different outcome.  This will  show signs exhibiting the social learning theory. I will do this by talking about their behaviors which contribute to why they attaches to the theory. In conclusion I will rap up the essay by speaking of other example that support the Social learning theory.

The social theory was discovered in the 1960 by a  psychologist named Albert Bandurawho was born in 1925 and from Canada. He attended the university of Iowa there he earn his PHD.Bandura is still very much alive today and was last said to be teaching at Stanford The definition of the social learning theory is said to be when a young individual learns or mimics behaviors weather the are formally yet directly learned or inconsistency this may even be learned symbolically.

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Bandura placed confidence in the cognitive believing this he felt there had to be an inner representation of this consequential behavior through one’s observation. Albert Bandura did a study with what he called the bobo doll experiment. In this experiment a group of young adolescents  sat watching  a person express aggressive as well as hostile behaviors toward the doll. While others where shown the opposite behavior. This is how Dr.

Bandura would test the theor. Once they saw the behavior would they mimic the same shown behavior?  After watching this the child would be  left alone with the doll. The children who witness the negative behavior once left alone imitate there version of aggression and hostile on the doll, the children who didn’t witness the aggression displayed a more caring and loving behavior toward the doll. This being done proved the theory of social learning. With this being said it leave me to connect to my first example.

Donovan is now 20 years old. When Donovan was a young child his mother was told he had adhd, mood disorder, depression and odd as well as social anxiety. I must say he was a challenge child for her at times. This he cannot be held responsible for alone. As a child he witness many uncomfortable yet abusive situation by men including his father toward his mother. Donovan attached himself being a boy to these males as role models.

 By doing this and them showing a males role as powerful force over a women and abusive toward women. He watch men as they requested things from his mother and if she didn’t honor them then she would get beating down.  Donovan intern mimicked this same behavior toward females, the first being his own mother.  When Donovan was 8 years old he ask his mother for a large amount of money to hang with friends. When she declined and rejected his request he then punched her while she was driving in the back of the head, Causing the vehicle to almost wreck. Which intern would harm his mother and little brother. Months late he was taken to a therapist whom gave him little soldiers to play with. He was then ask how do you feel when your mother tells you that you cannot have something or do something? He replied by showing violence from one soldier to the next.

When asked what he was doing he said beating her up for telling me no. Even though when these events were happening  to Donovan’s mother he became over protective and try to defend her so he clearly loved his mother. The influences out weighed that maternal  love and connection. Allowing the powerful influence that a man whom him being a boy would one day become  influenced his behaviors on how men acted toward a female. Every man in Donovan younger years (which is said to be considered the sponge effect or when a child absorbs their role and learns how to behave.) was violent. Donovan is now 20 years old he has displayed this negative behavior he learnt upon every women that has crossed his path. So much so that he was charged at 18 years old for the abuse he inflicted upon one of the young ladies.

Donovan shows aggression and violence toward his wife and children and still continues to show it toward his mother. Even though now Donovan does such and his mother life has changed and she doesn’t allow the behavior. He still attempts it by being verbally abusive. This has caused him not only legal problems but also a strained relationship with his mother.

He lives in low income housing doesn’t show any signs of motivation and did not graduate from high school.  Now on the other hand we have Donovan’s brother Sean who is now 18 years old. Who by time he was learning did not witness this behavior. Sean did not see men abusing his mother. He saw a step uncle demonstrating a hard work ethic as well as being positive for the most part. He did at times witness name calling toward his mother from the uncle. Even though Sean saw the name calling it didn’t catch Seans attention enough to impact his behavior toward women.

Sean display a more passive role in regards to females especially his mother. Sean has never been in trouble displays manners when spoken to and works very hard at a part time job to be independent. By stating these examples it shows how an individual watching the behaviors when a child often grow up to mimic the same behaviors they saw.

It also show once a behavior attracts the child’s attention whether it be negative or positive they are more likely to mimic behaviors. Which would lead to it be labeled as social learning theory. This happens because there are four key components to make up the social learning theory that apply to one’s behaviors. The first one being attention process this means it must grab the attention of the individual to affect how they feel about event.

Second would be retention process this is when have something that reminds of the event which then causes us to display the mimicked behavior. Third would be motor reproduction process this when the individual must have the mind set or skill set it actually reenact what they have witnessed. Last would be reinforcement and motivation process which takes place when something is encouraged.What may have happened in this situation for Donovan is that he witness his same gender role showing levels of aggression he sensed a sense of power within theses males which in return was motivated by recurring events this allowed him to feel encouraged to display their negative  behaviors as well as influenced his views toward the female sex. Causing his now mental processor to break down of how he displays himself in the male role.  The hole thing behind the social learning theory is that we become who we are surrounded by or that we our influenced by. If that particular individual grabs our attention we are more likely to retain their behaviors and repeat them. I recently read an article by J Rank that stated ”