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As Shrivastava (2014) put in, advertisingis focused at the target audience. It’s not just the matter of purchasing and selling,in fact, advertising makes its audience educated in regards to the patterns ofworld. Advertising takes the liability to pass on the message to its audience.Also advertising is a type of correspondence that gives valuable and importantdata to the audience to act instantly or to utilize it at the time ofprocurement. Advertising alone can influence its target audience by deliveringits message in the right way, where people are either encouraged or forcestheir mind to go after the product which is being advertised. In 1994 came the Onlineadvertising when Hotwired Introduced the world to the banner advertisement,started a web with about a few number of sponsors who had to pay in order tohave advertising banners embedded on the sites (Mathew & peter, Segun,2013). As per Muhammad & Dwi (2015) there are two reason for onlineadvertising: convey factor and content factor.

Convey factor is tied in with includingof advertisements and imparting data about the item. Content factor is aboutthe state of online commercial, format and illustrations that are utilized as apart of promotions to pull in the consumer. Content factor is more important toattract the customers because if the content is not unique and magnetic, itwill not attract the audience to itself.Sadia and Khan (2015) has foundout that organizations spend a lot of money on advertising to pull in thegreatest number of customers. Past researchers has demonstrated that TV isappraised as the best medium since it gives the moment show, picture andcontent through which client feel fulfilled that is the reason association areutilizing web with the end goal of notice now since it has the same and moreupgraded highlights to pull in customers and a huge portion of market both nationallyand internationally are customers of it.Stelzne (2014) report publishedby Social Media Examiners focused that the main two advantages of onlineadvertising are expanding introduction and expanding activity. The reportadditionally uncovered that a noteworthy 92% of all advertisers showed thattheir online networking endeavors have produced more introduction for theirorganizations. Expanding activity was the second significant advantage, with80% revealing positive outcomes.

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Nowadays, nearly everybody and each organizationhave a nearness on the web-based social networking, especially the well-knownones, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ andPinterest. As at March 2015, there were 1.415 billion dynamic clients onFacebook, and 288 million month to month dynamic clients on Twitter. With thetouchy youth populace in Nigeria, you can envision what lump of thosemeasurements we gloat as a country. Be that as it may, most corporate nearnessand notable nearness on the web-based social networking are unimportantnearness with no checked concentration, system, or expectation to draw in theabounding on the web open/advertise. This problem is generally to because ofnot realizing what it takes to keep up a lively online-cumsocial media presence.

Moreover, a study made in 2009 demonstrates that extensive greater parts of themain 100 organizations as indicated by Internet Retailer had a profile onFacebook (79%), Twitter (69%) or both (59%). An investigation of DeloitteTouche’ USA uncovered that 62% of US shoppers read customer produced onlinesurveys and 98% of them discover these audits sufficiently solid; 80% of thesebuyers said that perusing these surveys has influenced their purchasingexpectations. Also, according to Facebook, it is said to have more than abillion dynamic active users (as of 2012) since its start in 2004 (