As a certain expectation or grade. I thought our

Asmentioned in class, according to Google’s analysis, the key to good teamwork islike this.

Each team member can respect one another’s emotions; all members cancontribute to the conversation equally. It is all about how the team membersinteract with one another. The final test is to determine whether the membersof the group are interdependent. From the class we know when there isinterdependence among tasks, the whole success of the team depends on thesuccess of each one, and the success of each one also depends on the success ofthe others.

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 When the group project started at the beginning,our group was built up very quickly as the first one in the ten groups. We basicallydo not know each other before taking this class, but I believe we share the similarinterest, and we should all be willing to pull our weight and help the team achievea certain expectation or grade. I thought our group project should be an effectiveand enjoyable one. Our team share the same idea that task interdependence playedan important role in the success of the group project assignment. Our grouppreferred an independent contribution over a reciprocal task interdependence. Westarted understanding how the group’s interactions and cohesiveness goes throughthe process of creating the team performance objectives and the projectproposal. In the first group meeting in class, we had the introductions tobreak the ice.

After we familiarized ourselves with one another, we did notassign some specific roles for each of us, for example we do not want to have oneperson to be a leader, or someone to write down meeting notes. Like the Google’sconclusion, we hope everyone in the group is equal while making any decisions, andthe relationship between each team member is equal and we do not want to seesomeone is of higher importance over another. We made use of brainstorm to findout some companies, and each of us had a chance to talk about his or her idea,and then we selected the most suitable one. Nobody was in charge of tellingmembers what to do. Equal-powered members within a group increases the benefitsof task interdependence because “high-powered people do not spend as much timeprocessing information in their relationship with employees as low-poweredpeople because their outcomes are not dependent on the low-powered individual”(Herschcovis, 2012, p.

13-14).   Our group all agreed to make use of Google Docsfunction provided by the Coursework’s collaboration to share the information oridea, and to work on the documents and reports.   We didestablish some high level tasks specific to each person, but we made we stillhave the equal power within the group. For example, I created some documentsfor the project report in a Google word document and started on it, the otherteam member received the email notification soon. Without any reminder fromanyone, they realized that a new team task just started and as a team member theyalso need to work on it because it is a collective effort.

In addition, eventhough nobody in our team mentioned on purpose that we can always check theversion history from the Google word document to see who has added whatcontent, I believe we all know as a group we need to put effort into theproject so there is not an imbalance of power and responsibility amongst thegroup. If someone sees another person studying hard for an example, he or shewill be motivated to try to study just as hard. Then after we learned the topicabout groups in class, we all understand that a group should focus on ensuringthat the level of motivation and attitudes are similar to lower the amount ofpotential problems, since we are not a group which allow us to communicate faceto face every day. Beside Google docs, we also use email or text message to alwayshave everyone on the same page, and we also found when everyone is onthe same page it became much easier to work together to reach a certain goal.