ARTIFICIAL Intelligence:- 1. Unemployment First of all look at



As far the
invention of computers or machines is concerned, their capability to perform
various tasks went on growing incredibly. Humans have developed the power of
computer systems in terms of their increasing speed, diverse working domains,
and reducing size with respect to time.

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What is
Artificial Intelligence?


intelligence (AI) is intelligence displayed by machines, whereas the natural
intelligence is displayed by humans and other animals.


is developing with such marvelous speed, sometimes it seems unmatchable. There
is an opinion among researchers and developers that AI could grow so powerful
that it would be impossible for humans to control.


At this
point of time we have explored all possible areas in which we could apply AI and
working hard to achieve this.





Issues in
Artificial Intelligence:-


1. Unemployment


First of
all look at the labour which is concerned primarily with automation. For
example one of the world’s most intelligent and inspiring people like Elon Musk
guarantees to bring automated trucks that will bring down the accident rate
very low in a decade or two. On the other hand it poses a great threat for the
truck drivers whose food and shelter depends upon the truck driving.





2. Inequality


As the use
of machines using AI is increasing at a rapid rate a company can immensely cut
down on relying on the human workforce, and this means that


incomes will
go to fewer people. Consequently, individuals who have ownership in AI-driven
companies will make all the money. So, it will increase the rich-poor gap more and





3. Artificial stupidity


As the machine training depends upon training,
so, there might be a that we lack a training data for the training of AI,
because of this our system will produce unexpected results and hence it can be fooled. So, these systems can be
fooled in ways that humans wouldn’t be as 100% training is never possible.





4. Evil genies


there could be a lack of misinterpretation while training the machine which
could lead to serious damages. Imagine if we ordered a robot to eliminate the
cancer from the earth in any way possible, it may find such a solution which eliminates
not only cancer but also the humanity from earth by killing everyone on the
planet. The computer would have achieved its goal of “no more cancer”
very efficiently, but not in the way humans intended it.





5. Singularity


This poses
a serious question about artificial intelligence: will it, one day, AI will have
the same advantage over us or even more advantage than us? Currently we are
making these AI more and more intelligent and using according to our use, but
there can be situation in a near future that AI system me become so dominating
that it starts dominating even humans. This is what some call the “singularity”:
the point in time when human beings are no longer the most intelligent beings
on earth.