Art created or imitated in a sense that inspiration

Art is a way of viewing something in a creative way.

Art can be produced in many forms and also expressed in many ways. Art has no right or wrong way of thinking because anything is considered art. Art does not have to be visually pleasing to the eye it may also not be visually pleasing to the ear. Art is in everything we see because someone created it. Art is a form of expression and thought through mind, body, and soul. Art does not have to be created by hand but can be created from thoughts that turn into ideas and then lead to a bigger creation. The most common form of art is a painting or drawing.

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Throughout history art has evolved into many different forms that started from one idea and this is where artist get their inspirations from. Inspirations come from another artist which gets translated into another persons art. Art can be translated through many cultures and also can be adapted to blend and can crossover into another culture. Art can be created or imitated in a sense that inspiration was taken from an original source other artist may call this imitation plagiarism. Although, Imitation may be seen as flattery and be highly looked upon other artist. Art is spontaneous and can be created or formed at any time from surroundings and unconventional tools.

Art is seen as a window to view one’s mind and thoughts on life. Each perspective is brings a uniqueness which makes art so different. Art is more than just color and lines but, it is a way of thinking through an expressive mindset. The mind is the key to unlocking creativity on many levels. Sometimes, creativity may not be used with the mind but through physical movement.

Your five senses have a lot do with how you depict certain expressions of art. For example, something may be visually pleasing but lacks sound. Our vision is very important because it determines whether to pursue the object or turn away from it.

Vision can also be metaphorical because all artists have a vision of what they want to create or pursue to become the final product. Vision and perspective are an important part of an artist’s repertoire.What is art? Art is in everything we see because it all started from one idea and created into a bigger whole. Art has sprouted from many cultures and has been passed over from generation to generation to create a new form of that art. Art can be seen as beautiful or meaningful based upon what your views about art are based upon. Art is a way of viewing something in a different way other than before. When you look at art it is supposed to inspire and help inspire other art forms that can be recreated and produced.

Art does not have to be visual but can be interpreted with voice and body movement. Some may find other things to be art like a sport or a passion such as cooking. Art can be transformed into something philosophical or can be used for a deeper understanding. Art is universal and can be translated through many international barriers.When you view art it should make you happy and open your eyes to new beautiful things. Art has been developed for us to transition into a new perspective of thinking and feeling. Art is the base to a lot of things we do in a majority of our classes.