Approach al., 2017). 3 projects were selected to obtain

ApproachThe methodology of this study presented is qualitative method, which based on resource data collection from literatures that provide a thorough understanding of the concept of vertical green façade.

Firstly, 15 literature reviews were carried out to obtain information on the outdoor thermal beneficial impact in urban cities with hot weather.Next, types and system of VG was identified (as shown in table 2). The identifications was based on the information obtained from reviews of literature shown in Table 3. The design and the impact of green façade on reducing waste heat outside the tall buildings was investigated through the literature (de Jesus et al., 2017).

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 3 projects were selected to obtain more information through case study. For literature review, information on the projects was obtained from 2 sources which is site visits to various type of vertical green application surrounding KL and websites. Only development with vertical green façade were chosen.

Lastly, three buildings with different green façade appearance were chosen as case study. The study based on online data collection and observations for these three buildings. The different type of green façade applied on buildings are to compare and analyse to find out the best suit green façade on boutique hostel.This paper is divided in two main sections. First, a classification of green wall systems, including a definition for different system according to their characteristics is proposed. Second, by comparing general building façades with green wall systems in terms of composition, characteristic, maintenance and their environmental impact. In order to compare the green wall systems and their features, an analysis of their composition is made according to the following items: supporting elements, growing media, vegetation, drainage and irrigation.

Additionally, given the importance of the subject, two subsections were added to focus, first on the different phases of the systems lifecycle, namely on the differences on their installation and maintenance.