Apple who wanted to create unique products that will

Appleis an American company that produces operating systems, computers andmultimedia devices. It is based in Cupertino, in the State of California. Withits product, the iPhone 5s smartphone, the company holds the record of thebest-selling smartphone in the world.

Previously, from April 1, 1976 to January3, 1977, it was known as Apple Computer Company and from January 3, 1977 to2007 as Apple Computer Inc. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, California. Thecurrent CEO is  In August 2011, Apple becomes one of thelargest companies in the world by stock capital and most valuable in the world,ahead of the eternal rival Microsoft. On 12 August 2012, Apple became theprivately held company with the largest market capitalization of all time,beating the previous record of Microsoft’s rival that was dated back to 1999.In 2012, profits grew by 94%. On November 25, 2014, Apple broke the $ 700billion market cap, beating its previous record from 2012: no American companyhad exceeded this threshold.

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Apple wants to enrich and delight the worldthrough their innovative products.  Theyare a company that promise and give possibilities, they promote an environmentwhere they can push beyond boundaries and across borders to create devices andbrands that helps everyone in every occasion. Apple Inc. Create their productswith uniqueness and they are also knowing to set trends in the industry as theyare always working differently to their competitors. And they have always had adifferent view as a business especially with Steve Jobs being the former CEOwho wanted to create unique products that will create loyal customers who willwant the new product as soon as its released as they will be looking forwardfor to the new features and changes to the productApplehas many objective like grow in a central business and they can do that, by innovatingtheir products, they also want to have a global expansion putting in the marketnew content. An example could be that they first started with their computers,to then go to the ipods, iphones, ipad and lastly the apple watch.

To achievethis the marketing team has to advertise the products all over the world, sothat the people buy these.  Micro and Macro environmentBeforeexplaining the micro and macro economy for apple, it would be better to explainwhat these two concepts are.Macroeconomicsis the part of economics that takes into consideration problems such as income,consumption, savings, investment, employment related to an entire continent, acountry or a geographical region. The term also has a second meaning: itindicates a theory according to which the global expenditure of a country isdetermined above all by the flow of investments, as opposed to monetarism,which gives primacy to the quantity of circulating money.Microeconomics,on the other hand, is the study of price trends in individual markets, or theanalysis of the economic behavior of individuals, families and companies.

Inthis case he studies how resources are used and spent.   Market research Market researchfor the business plan is one of the essential and most important elementsneeded to support the validity of your business plan since they are like thefoundations of a building: they represent the basis on which the entrepreneurdecides whether to invest in a certain business or no.It is advisableto do market research for the business plan whenever you want to launch a newproduct or service on the market, or whenever you want to start a new business.But not only: research reveals all their usefulness even in the case wherethere are no new ideas or new companies, but you want to “enter” in aprofitable market and within which there are already competitors. This happensdue to the simple fact that an entrepreneur often wants to present an existingproduct to the market, but to whom he has made some minor changes.

It is fullof markets that have products that are substantially the same, yet different. Market research gives the answer to somequestions, which are fundamental for building and developing every businessactivity. Below are some questions that may prove useful before entering amarket:·        How is the sector presented?·        What is the target market toreach?·        What to produce or sell?·        Is there a market that wantsthe product / service that you intend to produce or sell?·        Who are the customers of thismarket? Whom to sell?·        How to satisfy customers?·        Does the business idea respondto the needs and desires of the market?·        What is the evolution of thereference market in the medium to long term?·        Is there a competition? Who arethe competitors? What are they doing?Commonly, a market research is defined asquantitative or qualitative.

It is defined quantitative when it is constructedin such a way as to give statistical representativeness of an entire population(market or segment), on the basis of a sample. It is qualitative when theanalysis is carried out in a dh way, usually through a free discussion (whichcrosses a discussion trail) or with a series of open questions, with a widefaculty left to the interviewer to deepen the answers given.Market segmentation Market segmentation is the process ofdividing customer needs into different homogeneous groups or segments.

Recognizing the differences between customers is crucial for successfulmarketing because it leads to satisfying a market segment with targetedproducts. Working in market segments concentrates targeted resources forcompetitive advantage and profitability. Explaining consumer behavior is themain purpose of this process.