Anyone loving and loyal daughters to their father brings

Anyone can be a victim of appearance vs. Reality. How a character present his or
herself vs. Who he or she really is. Appearance is a visual form of how a person is perceived
while reality is the real situation that exists. In Shakespeare’s tragedy, King Lear, there is an
important theme that flows throughout the play. Goneril and Regan for instance are portrayed as
loving, charming and loyal daughters yet the act is not what it seems to be causing Lear to be
unaware of what is happening and therefore he is a “a man more more sinned against than
sinning” (III.ii.60), which likely makes him the victim. As a result, being a victim of appearance
vs. Reality bring an emotional impact of ones well-being, destroys relationships and leads to
death of oneself.

The different characterization of Goneril and Regan pretending to be charming, loving
and loyal daughters to their father brings an emotional impact into his well-being. King lear
being an extreme possessive parent results an ungrateful children as Goneril and Regan depicts
an opposite appearance to what they truly are. Goneril and Regan praises and expresses
admiration towards their father with words consisting lies. They both, claim that they love their
father more than anything else. However, Lear on the other hand is unable to see the empty
remarks made by his daughters “I remember thine eyes well enough…blind, Cupid, I’ll not love
. Read though this challenge, mark but the penning of it” ( Lear trust his
daughters with an exchange of betrayal from them..Moreover, when lear has given the kingdom
to Goneril and Regan they do not care about him anymore. Lear falls down their trap and falls
in-love with his deceitful daughters in the first place. His blindness causes him to be a victim all
Another reason why Lear is potentially be the victim is because Lear destroys his
relationships with Kent and Cordelia. Lear exemplifies a person who focus more on the faulty
words rather than genuine gestures from Kent and Cordelia “a stranger to my heart and me”
(I.i.114). Lear disowns cordelia, not wanting to be his daughter no more which makes him very
foolish because he welcomes the wrong people and disowns the right ones. Like Cordelia, Lear
wants to get rid of his loyal follower, Kent, from his kingdom “the noble and true hearted kent
banished his offence…strange” (I.ii.114-115). Simply, Lears’ act is unintelligent with the lack of
good sense or judgement that ruins relationship with people who he should be trusting but it is
all because of his daughters wickedness.
There is always a cause behind every death, for example, a car crash, sickness or tragic
accident. Though in King Lear, Lear essentially dies of a broken heart when he sees his loving
daughter Cordelia’s dead body. Lear pours out a huge level of guilt, realizing that Cordelia is
dead because of his blindness from the start “And my poor fool is hanged. No, no, no life? Why
should a dog, a horse, a rat have life? And thou, no breath at all? Thou’ lt come no more, Never
, never, never” (V.iii.369-372). Lear mourns the loss of his Cordelia that triggers his emotional
capacity. Lear being a victim of the things that has happen lead him to his death.
In conclusion, one should be aware of appearance vs. Reality. It is easy to get deceive
nowadays which causes each and everyone to get a chance of being a victim. Though, it is not
easy to spot the difference between a fake appearance and a real appearance, at the end of the
day the truth will prevail, being a victim has its own good or bad consequences such as it can
bring an emotional impact to ones well-being, destroys relationships and can lead to death of oneself

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