and yell and hit a dog or cat? Or

and inhumane. This sounds very blunt but this is how I feel. When is it right to yell and hit a dog or cat? Or have roasters fighting eachother for a profit? But it is getting money so it doesnt matter right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

But what penalties are there to stop it or lower it? If harsher penalties were made, animals around the world would get respect and fair treatment; therefore illegal hunting and animal abuse must stop by making stricter laws and harsher penalties.All animals around the world should be treated fairly and do not deserved being torture by humans. Due to the fact that animals are in this world benefit to humans in many ways.

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Some of the ways that animals are beneficial to humans can be determine by primarily being our food source. All people care about satisfying their desires on what they think it is best for themselves rather than the animals, making a sweater out of the animal’s fur for example. . Not only it is not fair animals to be killed, it is also another way to show people how mistreat animals are being treated by humansNot only do animals face getting treated unfairly, they are also being illegally hunted by criminals just to get some money off of them. Vietnam has made 21 different laws regulating the trade of wild animals since 1989, and the hunting of endangered animals has been strictly banned since 1995. However, illegal hunting continues to increase. Illegal sales of protected wildlife are estimated to be worth $67 million per year, over 4,000 tons of wild animals are hunted, about two third of them making their way onto plates in restaurants in Vietnam, China and other countries where they are eaten as delicacies and used in traditional medicines. This shows that these people, who are continually doing these crimes may not fear of the consequences they could get themselves into if they are not as strict.

Extinction of animals is a big effect from people committing this crime of illegal hunting and it is cause by not having harsh penalties. .”The rhino population in Africa is almost extinct because of disgusting human greed for their horns. More than two rhino’s are killed every single day due to poaching.

According to The African Wildlife Foundation, there are less than five thousands black rhinos in the world today” (Chi). The market for a horn means that the whole animal has to die is a mindless action that is done by heartless people who only do it if for the selfish people who are willing to pay big money for a rhino’s horn.This bill calls for a felony charge of animal cruelty on the first offense when committed against a dog, cat or horse. The bill defines animal cruelty as: mistreating an animal, killing or injuring an animal that is not your own, abandonment, starvation, and/or failure to provide adequate shelter. This bill failed to pass for a higher charge felony would be not consider as a threat to the criminals that are still doing these types of crimes, which also means that since it did fail the crimes are not going to stop.

 Currently, these bills did not succeed because the felony was reduce to less crueler punishments even thought the crime might have been high. Reducing the felonies can result of people not taking this bills seriously and the cruelty will still go on. It can also make people not taking the penalties seriously if the law enforcement are not willing to make the penalties more harsher than what they already are. Animals around the world deserved respect and fair treatment; therefore illegal hunting and animal abuse must be stop by having stricter laws and harsher penalties. Also animals are in this world to a great benefit for all humans and should be treated in a more favorable way, considering many animals had died because of every human being.

Animals died because of humans through situations like eating them or wearing them. Either way we are the cause why many animals are being abuse, causing nearly extinctions, and mistreating them in several ways.