Ancient under his control. First understand how Cesar help

Rome was a great and power empire. According to legend Rome was founded by 2 brothers,
and the demi gods Romulus Remus. Rome originally was a small town on the banks
of Tiber. It later grew rapidly by trade and military preparation.  Later this town came to be a vast country and
gained power and respect. Rome became powerful due to Julius Cesar and his rise
in power causing Rome to rain over 15-25 percent of the world.



we must understand Rome in its Time. Rome name came too be due to a local
legend that is. Romulus a demi god killed his brother Remus for the spot of
ruler of Rome. Through time Rome began trade with the Greek overall building
there culture through them, from the Greece they barrowed literacy religion and
fundamentals of architecture.  Through trades Rome grew and grew and then
started to create there government. In Roman society, the aristocrats were known as patricians. The
highest positions in the government
were held by two consuls, or leaders, who ruled the Roman Republic. A senate composed of patricians elected
these consuls. At this time, lower-class citizens, or plebeians, had virtually
no say in the government. Rome
It began as a tiny village along the Tiber River.  It was an excellent
location.  The soil was good so crops could be grown easily.  It was
surrounded by 7 hills, and was an excellent source of fresh drinking and
bathing water. This was a excellent way for Rome to trade their fresh water,
creating an excellent way to rise.

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 Julius Cesar was more or less the most
influential person of his time. During his rise he was able to put 15-25
percent of the world’s population under his control. First understand how Cesar
help in power roman we first must look at how he came to power. Cesar started
off his life on dangerous footing, as a young man his dream was too becomes a
political figure. He first started off in the military aspect from assistant to
governor. After this Cesar left the army to gain supporter and become a public speaker” Friends, Romans, countrymen”( chapter 12 page
16 Julius Cesar), lend me your ears;. He then returned to Rome. He then
poured his life into politics; everything in his life had to do with
government. For example he married several times each for political boost and
financial growth.  He den created an
alliance with Pompey and Crassus. This caused
him to rise to be a dictator. During Cesar rain he took over land expanding
Rome territory in Europe, Italy, and Mediterranean.  He started with the siege of Mytilene the 2nd
highest military decoration for a citizen. He then won the civil war between
his partners Pompey. These battles caused the new order of Rome. Therefore
having a genius in war was a great asset towards Rome.


Julius Cesar also helped get ride off issues in Rome to
better there empire. For example Cesar help get rid of money issues in Rome.
For example When Caesar became dictator; Rome was experiencing financial crises
due to the civil wars which had taken place recently. The real estate values
had collapsed and there was little too no money.. Julius Caesar ordered that property
owner must not hold more than 80,000.. He also passed a law which placed restrictions on ostentatious
attire, funeral costs and banquets. This overall helped them gain
material due to it being a growth in material sales overall causing military
expansion due to more weapons being built. He also helped relieve the poor by
giving land too families above 3 children, and offered jobs in the public to
aloe people to gain more money. He also got rid of civil war debts basically
allowing new slates for commoners.


Julius Cesar also reformed areas in his control making them better and
stronger than before. For example the ancient cities of Carthage
and Corinth were rebuilt on his orders. The ancient Carthaginian civilization was destroyed
by the romans and rebuilt. A new city was built on the same land Cesar owned.
That city ended up being the second largest land in Cesar control population
being at a large amount of 500,000. The ancient Greek city of Corinth, which had also
been destroyed by the Romans was rebuilt and is also a properties city even till this
day. Therefore Cesar re made the Rome cities and they became stronger and
better than ever.


Overall Julius Cesar was a powerful man and was the
reason Rome came to power. There is clear evidence to support that being, he
help financial  issues, supported the
poor and raised jobs, was a genius war dictator, and helped conquer large
amounts of land expanding Rome, and lastly re built cities causing them too be
stronger and better than ever.