An will help astronomers because not everything we see

amazing burst of energy waves from way deep in space has permanently changed
the way we will all look at the universe. Were not talking about water waves or
waves of light, we are talking more about gravity wave. Gravity Waves are tiny
particles that are produced by massive objects that are moving very quickly in
the universe. Roughly 1.3 billion years ago there were two black holes they
produced a newly reported wave when they happened to collide. Black holes are enormous
objects that will trap light in because they have a gravity that is so

the first time the universe has spoken to us through gravitational waves,”
LIGO laboratory executive director David Reitze said at a press conference
February 11. “As we open a new window on astronomy, we may see things we
never saw before.” With their new discovery scientist now have a new tool
for studying the universe. These new tools that scientists discovered will help
astronomers because not everything we see in the universe can be seen through a
telescope or a microscope. Stars and the galaxy along with other bright light
objects transmit light and allows it to travel to the Earth. Black holes do not
transmit light they are truly black. Since black holes don’t transmit light the
telescopes can’t see them.

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discovery was so amazing its lucky to win a Noble Piece Prize. It’s likely to
win a Noble Piece Prize because its supporting a major prediction that Einstein
made back before this all happened. Einstein came up with this idea way back in
the day and he also call it gravitational waves. Einstein just introduced the
famous. The theory said that an object with mass will curve the space just like
when someone is standing or jumping on a bed there bending the fabric. With the
bending of space will change the motion of any nearby objects. For an example the
suns mass will forces the Earth to orbit around the star in an ellipse which
causes it not to move in a straight line. Earth along with the sun and other enormous
object will produce gravity waves around the space they move around. The waves will
then spread out from the wave like a chain reaction. Objects that have a great deal
of mass that is packed into a tiny area just like a black hole will have the fiercest
waves. Even very fiercest gravity waves can be extremely hard to detect. They are
almost impossible to be see. You can’t even hear them as they pass, along with
feeling you can’t feeling anything when they pass through.  

must use a special observatory to understand them. The first tool to even
coming close to picking up the waves was called the Advanced Laser
Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory. The observatory did consist of
two detectors. One was said to be in Livingston, La. Then the other was said to
possible be in Hanford, Wash. It was said it could sense the waves during first
seconds of the start-up tests, which happened to be four days before the
upgraded observatory was due to start making observation. The burst of waves would
last less than a second long. When scientists studied those waves, they figured
out that it was possible for them to come from two black holes that happened to
be swirling around each other. One of the black holes was roughly 36 times more
massive then the sun, the other black hole was roughly 29 times more massive
than the sun. The waves became fiercer as the black holes were becoming closer together.
Eventually, the black holes were starting to form into one giant black hole. The
new sizing of the giant black hole was said to be more than 62 times what are
sun was said to be. Since this was discover there are many other tools out
there now that can scout gravity waves. They also came up with one that can use
laser to detect waves.