An to the customers like about page, product page

e-commerce is a social media platform where people can share and experience in
online shopping together. In this report, will go through my design and
creation an online shopping website.

            In this report, I will be using a
waterfall methodology to create my website. The waterfall method describes a
develop cycle where one proceeds through each phase in sequence, only advancing
to the next phase when all requirements of the preceding phase have been

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of the Purpose.

            The purpose of this website is to
get people easily and convenient sell product and buying stuff from office,
home or any outdoor traveling with varieties choice of product form the
website. The online website make an easy payment with online payments. An e commence
can reduce a cost in many ways which is can translate to lower prices to the

the administrators need to add a new content. The content is the key for the
website because it helps search engines to understand what is a website about
and a send the idea to the customers like about page, product page or services,
like a blog where can add value and give an idea to the customers.

content: is making sure that everything in the website is still valid like
about page, the administrators maybe add more information to the website, so
make sure that the website is always keeping up to date and useful as possible.

and Theme updated: is important to keep plugin and theme updated because if the
plugin and theme are not up to date the website could be missing out on a new

up: make sure to keep a backup of the website because of it not worth it to
lose the website.

links: Administrator should check the broken links, so broken links can happen
for a number of reason, and this to make sure that every link in the website is

Security: make sure that the website has much protection in place against
hackers, if using plugins make sure the plugin or external services are up to
date to and working and make sure the websites are secure as can be.

speed: check the speed which is the website loads is absolutely key down to
kind of millisecond and people or visitors have to wait for just millisecond
too long for the page to load they will click away.