Among because children usually take their parents as role

Among many of the social problems our society suffers from is the high usage of alcohol and drugs. Today our community highly contribute to lowering the effects of alcohol and drugs as they not only contribute to harm the individual him/herself but others around, like family and friends. Although drinking alcohol or drug use might give a good feelings to the user but its use extensively can lead to serious social problems like child abuse. Addicted parent will not only have personal effects but rather will have a huge impact on the psychological emotions of their children, because children usually take their parents as role models to follow. Thus, let’s imagine a child growing up with parents who are extremely alcoholic and we know how can alcoholic individual act out of control, which therefore be a bad model for their children. In addition, alcohol and drug usage is not limited to the person himself or those around but to the society as well. A significant social problem is sexual assault, which offen occurs due to the person being out of control because of high alcohol intake. Such problems are now of a major concern in our society and we as individuals of the society should always spread awareness about such issues and provide the necessary conservation.In my opinion the only benefit the society can get is less crime scene. As such drugs will be sold at certain shops and market, therefore, they will be legally purchased and used by users with specific dosage. In my personal opinion, I don’t think such drugs should be legalized because they are of major harm to human being health if used extensively and are highly major components to cause social problems like child abuse and sexual assault as I mentioned earlier. Moreover, I think such drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin should be limited to medical use only and by medical facilities to control human intake and provide a stable healthy society.