Although hands and bodies. The question of who technically

sign language is becoming more popular it wasn’t very long ago that the Deaf
and hard of hearing were discouraged from learning sign language. Sign language
has been around since the beginning of the human race. Before humans created
written or spoken languages they used gestures with their hands and bodies. The
question of who technically invented sign language is highly controversial.
Some say that Juan Pablo de Bonet was the first inventor of sign language when
he wrote a book that contained the first known manual alphabet system. This
system isn’t the same as the manual alphabet because he based his book on
speech sounds. Another answer to the question, who invented sign language is Abbe Charles Michel de L’Epee. He is widely known for creating sign language because he
started the first school for the Deaf in Paris in 1771. As this school in Paris
became more popular, students came with signs they had already used at home. The
combination of L’Epee’s signs and signs
that students brought eventually became French Sign Language. Shift over to
North America, where the first school for the deaf was started in 1817 by
Laurent Clerc and Thomas Gallaudet. Thomas Gallaudet brought Laurent Clerc to
America to start the first Deaf school after she had learned and taught French
Sign Language in Europe. Like they did for L’Epee’s
school, students traveled from all over the country to learn sign language, and
just like what happened in Europe, people brought their own signs and combined
them with the preexisting French Sign Language to form a new language; American
Sign Language. Because sign language is not spoken or written, the Deaf and
hard of hearing pick it up naturally; not forcing them to speak but still
allowing them to communicate is the whole idea behind sign language. This idea
has been around much longer than spoken and written languages so there is no
absolute record of who actually invented sign language.

            Throughout the years sign language
has developed and changed but one thing hasn’t; sign language positively
effected the lives of millions of people. Recent studies done at Gallaudet
University prove that the use of sign language with children is beneficial. Since
kids begin learning before they are able to make speech patterns it is
important to give them a way to communicate. Children who are deprived of the
needed access to language grow up having not only educational problems but also
behavioral problems. Not introducing children with hearing disabilities to sign
language is depriving them of their right to speech. According to a Gallaudet
University study, children who were introduced to sign language before primary
schooling, scored higher on every standardized test than students whose first
language was English. Sign language is the gateway to communication for the
Deaf and hard of hearing. Enough studies have been done to prove what the Deaf
have known for years; sign language is and will always be the official language
of the Deaf and hard of hearing communitie. And it is becoming more apparent to
the surrounding people that the quality of communication outweighs the mode of

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