“All have to make students feel like this. A

“All school has given me is chewed down fingernails, tired lifeless eyes and the notion I’m not good enough.” – Root Report. School does not have to make students feel like this.

A school should be a happy place where students want to learn and feel safe. They should be able to have helpful resources right at their fingertips. A successful school should have the following practices and resources: modern facilities, a positive school climate, and a well-planned curriculum.

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Modern facilities are incredibly important when designing a school. Up-to-date facilities will keep students safe and they will also help to encourage students to use their resources. The Center for Evaluation and Education Policy Analysis at Penn State stated, “Policy makers, educators, and business people are now focused on the need to ensure that students learn 21st century skills such as teamwork, collaboration, effective communication, and other skills. As noted above, older buildings simply are not conducive to the teaching of 21st century skills.”  Some key facilities that should be included in a school are a science lab, a computer room, and a library. A science lab is important because science is different from any other subject. In order to understand the subject, one has to work directly with the data and look beyond the books, and providing a functioning science lab will help students do so.

A computer room is valuable because it provides students the tools to learn necessary job skills like typing and basic research skills.  Libraries are also significant. This could be an in-class library or a specific building used as a library. They allow students a recreational activity, they also provide a verified source for information.              Studies say that a school can positively or negatively affect student achievement. It is very important for a school to have a positive and uplifting environment.

No student wants to feel ostracized or unsafe in their learning environment. That’s why anti-bullying programs are so important. When designing a school one has to look beyond the physical aspects. One would have to look into student-teacher relationships, student-peer relationships, and learning trends. An important part of this environment would be a curriculum. “Curriculum development has a broad scope because it is not only about the school, the learners and the teachers.

It is also about the development of a society in general.” – Dr. Mary Alvior. A curriculum could be considered the “heart” of any learning institution. This means that schools or universities cannot and should not exist without a curriculum. A well-planned curriculum should be thought out, purposeful, and progressive. A teacher or staff member should take the time to make sure that the lessons are easy to comprehend. A purposeful curriculum should have a clear end goal.

The curriculum should also be progressive, meaning that the lessons should not go from simple to extremely difficult in a short amount of time. Having all of these things will make your curriculum successful. Modern facilities, a positive school climate, and a well-planned curriculum are all important features in a school. Modern facilities and a positive school climate help keep students safe. A well-planned curriculum may help students stay on track with their education.

All of these things help students get a better and safer education.