Albert the entrance exam to try to get into

   Albert Einstein was, and still is, one of the most influential scientist to ever live. He was born in Württemberg, Germany on March 14, 1879. As a child, Einstein lived in Munich, Germany and in Italy. Albert Einstein’s father, Hermann Einstein, was an engineer and a salesman. He was married to Albert’s mother, Pauline Einstein. Both of Albert Einstein’s parents were Jewish although evidence states that they were not practicing Jews. After the family moved to Munich his father and uncle started a company that made electrical equipment by using direct current. As Albert Einstein grew up he was surrounded by these scientific ideas. Some say that what sparked Einstein’s passion for science was his father’s pocket compass. Einstein knew that there was something that caused the needle to move. He just didn’t know what. This might of been the start of Albert Einstein’s passion for science.Albert Einstein attended a Catholic school in Munich to start out his education. At this school, Einstein was top of his class more than once (which his family was very proud of). Soon after he then transferred to a school called Luitpold Gymnasium. Einstein was not brilliant in school other than two subjects, science and math, and at Luitpold Gymnasium he did not perform well. Because of his passion for science and math, he was what his teachers described as a free thinker. Although he excelled at these two subjects he did not do well at Luitpold Gymnasium. Einstein blames it on the strict environment. At the age of 15, he dropped out of school and started to educate himself. A year later he decided to continue his education to get a degree. He took the entrance exam to try to get into a Swiss University called The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Unfortunately, Einstein failed the language and history portions of the exam. The director was understanding and advised him to enroll in a Swiss secondary school. Albert took his advice and graduated in 1896. His great grades qualified him to go to The Federal Institute in Zurich. The way that they taught at this institute did not interest Einstein at all. He hated lecture and tests. With the help of friends he passed the big exam at the end of the year and graduated. There is not much known information on Einstein’s spiritual life other than the fact that he was offended by someone calling him an atheist but he never elaborated on this subject. Einstein impacted modern science in a huge way. He is not known as a scientist who invented things but as a scientist who came up with theories that our modern science is based on today. Some of his theories include Quantum Theory of Light, E=mc2, General Theory of Relativity,  and the Manhattan Project which led to the development of the atomic bomb. Although after Einstein learned about what the Atomic bomb did to Japan, he was well known for campaigning to ban nuclear weapons. Albert Einstein influenced the world of science in so many ways. He is even known to be the greatest scientist to ever live.