Ahmed was very good at math at school. I

Ahmed AlmaethaliEssay 2Business Administration is one of the most widely valued degrees in the modern work environment, as it provides a solid ground in many areas of any business and, it is flexible enough to prepare graduates for employment in many different careers. Thus, graduates can choose to pursue a career in varied fields, such as marketing, operations, or administrative work. For me, I definitely believe that business administration is the most suitable major for me and that is for more than a reason.Not all people are interested in business because this major requires many skills in order to master this field. Accounting skills, fast calculation and dealing with employees’ information systems are the most important skills that may be required in a business major. Into the reason, I was very good at math at school. I am also very interested in calculating things and working with numbers as I gained that passion from my father. Since I also have some effective communication skills and methods, I would like to study and live within a cooperative environment, which considered as one of the best benefits of studying business administration.Besides, strategic planning and analyzing skills are other goals for me that I want to achieve through studying business. In addition, I think I have some valuable skills in marketing which is considered as one of the most demanded traits to master business work. An evidence for this is, I had persuaded most of my friends to purchase the same as my brands of phone, laptop, and even the watch just for the sake of arguing.For me, after I graduate I would seek the graduate studies’ opportunities in order to be qualified and skilled enough. Then, as a businessperson, I plan to return back home and immediately establish my own business based on the skills I had gained through my studies. Besides, because of the unemployment issue, I am planning to spend most of my funds on developing all business colleges here in Yemen. Hopefully, due to the broad range of skills which can be improved during a degree program in business administration, there will be many different career paths and opportunities available for Yemeni graduates, so that would help to end the unemployment issue in my country.Finally, I believe that the flexibility of business administration makes it a very beneficial degree to be earned. We would see graduates move into many different areas of business operations in order to set the modern community that helps develop our country.