After triathlons and long-distance running. Doesn’t matter about the

After doing the experiment you start to notice how oxygen
uptake is a key of physiological measure of the cardiovascular fitness, the
higher your work ethics the more VO2 is produced. It is a normally a direct relationship
until the participant isn’t able push through any further “A linear increase in work rate appears elicit a strictly linear
response of VO2”. (James et al. 1988) when doing this study, the main
purpose was to investigate the physical characteristics of the oxygen uptake
VO2 response to the participant cycling, the cycling exercise was kept at the
same intensity for a certain period of time to see if the same level of oxygen
uptake stays the same or start to change after a certain period of time.

In graph 1 records shows how oxygen the oxygen is being
breathed out, during the rest period there was 17.6% of oxygen that was
breathed out. Even while exercising the oxygen that was breathed out got lower
as they started their work out, the meant they were using more oxygen when
working out compared to when they were just in resting phase.

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Graph 2 demonstrates the drying for oxygen, graph two shows
that the recorded resting oxygen uptake is usually of oxygen 0.3 per litres.
Rene, Jean Alain (1990) says that resting heart rate control value is 0.28. When
working out your oxygen uptake increases by about 0.82 litres per minute which
is 273% of the resting value.

The relevance of relative V02 max data is a big important to
the physiological measure of cardiovascular fitness and can help to explain
differences for performing athletes. When measuring oxygen uptake, it way to
measure the intensity of the exercise you are taking part in, the VO2 can also
be consider as an endurance testing for people who also do cross country,
triathlons and long-distance running. Doesn’t matter about the level you taking
part in your VO2 max can still be limited or enhance your performance in your
sport. Internal and external factors can also affect your Vo2 max, factors like
Gender, Age, Altitude, Size etc. Gender can take a have a huge impact in
females have they intended to have lower Vo2 max compared to the men Vo2 max,
this is mainly due to physiology. Whereas men are generally more physically
larger than women so they have a larger heart that make it easier for them to
pump blood to where they mainly need whereas woman would have to work two time
about what the men are working. When it comes to age young people are intended
to have a very good VO2 max than older people ideally ages 18-25 intend to have
their peak VO2 max of their lives, however it gradually decreases as they get
older. VO2 max stage is the max state the amount of oxygen your body is able to
consume during the exercise and one of the main element is to capably transport
oxygen around the body and to the right muscle so that your muscles are able to