According of 50 employees. With this business structure managing

According to Max Weber, a bureaucratic organizational
structure is characterised by many rules, standardised processes, procedures
and requirements, number of desks, meticulous division of labour and
responsibility, clear hierarchies and professional, almost impersonal
interactions between employees. Organizations that use this structure include
the like of Colleges and universities, the military, prisons etc.

The bureaucratic organizational structure benefits the gym
in a number of ways. Firstly, the gym is said to have a number of 50 employees.
With this business structure managing this many employees would not be a difficult
task because of the layers of hierarchy the structure implements into the
organization. With different layers of hierarchy there will be managers with
increasing responsibility higher up the hierarchy. Also, the gym has a schedule
for classes which means they need to keep some type of records of the people
that sign up for the classes, the bureaucratic structure allows these types of
records to me easily managed. The method used captures information for the
records of the organization, information is stored in such a way that it makes
it easy to locate information about any one individual within the masses which
saves time and money.

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As much as the bureaucratic organizational structure has
benefited the gym, it also has its drawbacks. One of these include the job
dissatisfaction due to the routines and procedures. Employees could become
bored and dissatisfied with their jobs if they keep doing the same task day in
day out. According to the case study, one of the trainers, Philip reported
feeling bored and uninspired after being assigned the same class for over a
year. This also takes away the chance of promotion for employees, this could
influence the turnover rate at the gym as trainers would leave seeking
opportunities to further their careers, this is another disadvantage of this
organizational structure.