According includes. And the injuries includes 5 virtues; the

According to Occupational Health and Safety Law of 1970 that is approved by
Congress “to assure so far as possible
every working man and woman in the nation safe and healthful working conditions
and to preserve our human resources.” Federal agencies are covering by this
act, but not generally estate and the local governments. Moreover, some other
federal agencies and other laws already protect few workplaces.

For the department of Labor created
the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA) law. The main intention of OSHA is to control the act and to gaggle
and put the proof of better health and safety. And for assuring the willingness
there are some scrutinizers in OSHA.

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There are figure is about what accidents must be recorded under the professional
health and safety act?


Figure: 2.1


2.2.1. Description: This figure represents
a case where a death or any sickness or any hazards arise to a worker.  In one case the outcome from a hazard or a
disclosure in the working circumstances and it includes a death, an illness and
injuries that includes. And the injuries includes 5 virtues; the Medical
attitude, Loss of the Consciousness, the Restrictions of work or movement,
transfer of the job or none of these. After these the case must need to be
recorded. Moreover, there is another option where the case does not result from
the work injury or from the disclosure in the working circumstances. This
option is involves none of the manifestations and then this case need not to be

2.3. Workplace Health and Safety Hazards

As like as unsecured materials or
lubricious floors most of the workplaces are not hazards. There are many of the
unsighted hazards which many of the company intentionally propagate as the portion
of production method. Further, many other anxiety such as drug misconduct
conducted by the employees of a company by themselves. These kinds of hazards
are more hazardous than any risky floor or constructions. This destroys the safety
and health of the general workers totally in mentally and physically. Some
chemicals which is used any industries or other risky equipment, the excess
temperatures and others kinds of hazards are common.

According to Gary Dessler there are
some Substance of Specific Health Standard given below-