According and resourceful if used inappropriately it can cause

According to the World Economic Form
website, Facebook has an estimated amount of 1.8 billion monthly active
subscribers making it the world’s most popular social media platform by far.
(Hutt, 2017) Initially Facebook was intended to keep family and friends
connected despite long distance, several years later Facebook is now known for
its resourcefulness such as marketing, promoting and many more. When used
properly Facebook has proven to be an enhanced way to communicate, collaborate,
and allow sharing of content globally.  (Starringhaus,


speaking of social media and the healthcare system there is an interesting correlation
between the two. It has become much more common for employers to actually screen
potential candidates for nursing opportunity using their social media pages. Within
the healthcare system it is now being encouraged that healthcare providers
(HCPs) really take full advantage of the variety social media sites out now. It
is through those sites HCPs can find out about funding programs, courses,
breaking news and clinical evidence. (“Navigate the
Social Media Maze”, 2012) Which will allow the HCP’s to always be up to
date with evidence based practices.

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even though Facebook can be very useful and resourceful if used inappropriately
it can cause major damage to those using the sites. Inappropriate use of
Facebook has caused

 Reputations to be ruined, business relationship
to end, and large amount of people developing addictions towards social. The
Social Networking website list several risk that users may have such as lack of
privacy. Based on statistics provided 48% of people using Facebook reported having
some difficulty in managing their privacy setting. This issues can eventually
lead to private information mistakenly posted on display for the public
viewing. (“Social Network Sites”, 2017).


is also true when speaking of the correlation that social media and the
healthcare system has. According to “A Guardian Healthcare survey” in 2011
there were as many as 72 disciplinary actions     related
to social media were carried out. (“Navigate the Social
Media Maze”, 2012) The survey went on to explain that some staff were
having inappropriate conversation via Facebook about confidential matter, and posting
of pictures from workplaces were found on their pages. In many cases nurses
would be terminated from their position for violating their facility

it is imperative that  new nurses coming
into the professional field of healthcare are well educated on how to conduct
themselves on social media especially in regards to that of  posting pictures of their workplace, and
discussion confidentially information.


conclusion, even though Facebook can be very helpful in some aspects in the
healthcare system, it is also very important that healthcare providers are
cautions while using social media. Nurses must understand they are liable for each
and every word, photo and video of themselves that they post.