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Accordingto J. Westwood, there are a number of different approaches to planning. Intraditional planning, plans are usually divided according to the period of timethey are calculated, for example:-    long-term plans;-    medium-term plans;-    short-term plans 1.    Eachlevel has its own characteristics and requirements, which you can read about ina separate article in this section. The marketing plan is just a tool that canbe used in different ways: you can develop a marketing plan for promoting aparticular project or product, for a whole brand or product group, and for thewhole enterprise.   The marketingplan directly tells you about the nature of the business being planned and themeans by which you can count on success.

The main task of writing a marketingplan is that the marketing plan developed by me was aimed at studying thestrengths and weaknesses of the competing competitors in order to improve mycompetitiveness and raising its revenue.   As I noticedbefore, market analysis is the collection of data and their interpretation inorder to find out what place in the market you are occupying or intend to occupy,and to form an idea of the requirements for specific goods or the content ofmarketing programs.     There aretwo areas of analysis: 1) analysis of the capabilities of the enterprise and 2)analysis of competitors. For this, the SWOT analysis of competition analysis isused.The plan analyses the company’s external and internalenvironments, through macro environment and SWOT analyses, and describes how tobenefit from the strengths and how to minimize the weaknesses.

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(Wood 2003, 3–4;Puustinen & Rouhiainen 2007, 28 – 29.)     SWOT-analysiscan be conducted on the enterprise as a whole, the product line or a specificproduct. He objectively recalls the existing opportunities and constraints ofthe enterprise, which are important to keep in mind before planning. At thesame time, opportunities in the market are revealed in connection with theformulated prerequisite of a new product or planned sales of an existing one.The detection of threats makes it possible to take the necessary protective measuresin a timely manner. The ability to turn existing opportunities into capital andprotect oneself from threats depends on the strengths and weaknesses of theenterprise.

     Competitiveanalysis: this section should include generalized information on howcompetitors behave in the market. Thefive forces model of competition   is necessary to specify, from what activity ofcompetitors the threat to the enterprise can come when entering the market fora new product and continuing the release of existing ones. It is also necessaryto provide a description of what competitors are offering, indicate existingmarket shares, and, if possible, information about the programs and costs ofcompetitors in each area of ??activity.     This modelis widely used, not only for profit oriented organizations, as wellorganizations like public institutions and non-profit sectors organizations areusing five forces model in order better to understand their customers,suppliers and other organizations (Terpstra, Sarathy;1999).     Theanalysis of the marketing programs of competitors is conducted in each of theareas of the market activity of the enterprise and is rather detailed.    In myopinion, this analyze is very important for every single company, no matter inwhich industry it operates.

It provides a wide range of information thataddresses some of the company’s major influential business factors. In the caseof “Sport & Spa” this, again, is a very important tool. Based onthe result of the analysis, the company can much better anticipate its startingpoint in this market, in this case Italy.