Abstract—Smart is wastage of resources.Moreover there is a chance


Abstract—Smart Home is a booming technology now. It integrates of many new technologies
through home networking for improving quality of human’s life. Intelligent Home
trade has drawn goodish attention of researchers for quite a decade. The main
attraction of any automated system is reducing human labor, effort, time and
errors due to human negligence. Smart phones have become a necessity for every
person on this planet. With the increase in consumption of energy and
population, there is a grave need to conserve energy in every way possible. So
the implementation of Smart Home Technology is to be finest.  Accordingly, this paper reviews various topics
on smart home technologies from surveying for smart home research projects and presents
a survey of all such systems.

Home,Home Automation,Smart Home Appliances, Smart Home Technologies.

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When we assembled a collection of
smart devices under one roof, and we enable them to connect to and communicate
with one another, what we end up with is typically called the “Smart Home”.Some
people call it home automation, because all of your smart devices work in concert
to auomate a variety of household chores and operations.When the electronic
gadgets are plugged in, but not in use ,still there is a some amount of
electricity flow.Here there is wastage of resources.Moreover there is a chance
of short circuits.To reduce this type of problems we have an approach of implementing
a technology called Smart Homes.

With the technology advancement,
many smart home research projects have been developed in order to facilitate
and improve the quality of human life. The concept of development of a smart
home system is not an isolated case it has been existing since the term
“smart house” was first coined by the American Association of House
builders in 1984. Implementation of these systems will not just increase the
comfort level of modern generation but also help elderly and physically
disabled people. All researchers are trying to put some handheld device (e.g.
mobile or some battery operated device) in hand on people to increase level. Simple
Home Automation uses clocks and timers to enable the operations;more advanced home
can handle more sophistication operating Scenarios and trigger devices based on
input from other devices. Smart Homes has highly promote the automating systems
that control functions like lighting,heating,cooling,and security systems and
many other functions.So it even call like a “conscious home.”


I.     Advantages


The primary benefit of smart home
technology is that of Convenience; by automating basic operations, don’t have
to be bothered with them. A smart Home is more convenient than a regular Home. The
ability to control everything in your home from your Smartphone or computer-or to
have everything triggered automatically based on parameters set in advance. It’s
an appealing prospect.


Smart home security systems add a lot
more options to this type of basic systems such as webcams throughout the house
that can monitor from your smart phone or computer. It goes beyond burglar
alarms. There’s the security of knowing that everything in a house is working
correctly or not.


      Smart Home knows about more than human
about saving energy. Automatic lighting turns on and off not only in response
to the amount of light outside, but also to whether there’s anyone actually in
the room or not. Smart appliances are scheduled to run when energy rates are
their lowest and not at all when water or electricity are scarce. Some lights
are even programmed to operate at a slightly lower wattage than normal, so that
one can save energy without even knowing it.


Step 1: Basic