ABSTRACT: institutional and educational practices and processes that are

ABSTRACT: Nowadays, educational Institutions are paying
increasing attention to the views of Student’s on the involvement in learning
and teaching through reviews or feedbacks. Online Feedback System is a web
application which provides base for the schools/colleges to conduct student’s
feedback online. The goal of the study was to develop an all in
one feedback system serving both students and teachers. The system comprises of
generation and analysis of teacher’s feedback pages, summary, and a delivery of
feedback. The system is developed for the all college students and staff
members Also Students can give opinion about their faculty members. The student
has to choose from excellent, very good, good, satisfactory, poor. Then after
attempting every question has to submit his feedback with the system. This
online feedback system is the perfect place to find feedback evaluated
according to the requirements and it is the efficient one to get feedback analysis of students and staffs.


KEYWORDS: feedback,
management, system, project

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I.      Introduction


In today’s world
of online interaction, electronic education is becoming an
important, of the academic domain. Faced with the strong growth of popularity
of online courses, a need arises for a flexible, strengthened & easily integrated
online academic feedback delivery system The ‘Feedback management System’ Approaches all about
institutional and educational practices and processes that are taken
into consideration, the student’s concerns of the level of the knowledge they
receive. This procedure explains that there is a good relationship between the
students learning environment
and teachers.

            We have developed faculty feedback
system to provide feedback in an easy and consistent manner to the college HOD
or principal. We call it faculty feedback system which delivers via student
staffs interface as online system which is acting as Service Provider.


1.1 Existing System


system the feedback is done by manual process. In the existing system students
can give feedback about the lecturers by using paper and pen. After giving
feedback by every student Papers are collected by the teacher and calculate the
overall grade for each lecturer. After that those all grade report is viewed by
the principal which is given by the teacher or head of department. Hence
estimating the performance of lecturers and giving counseling to college staff.
So, the existing system is carries more time to do a piece of work for this
reason. The online system feedback is implemented. This is the major advantage
of the existing system for giving feedback about the Lecturers and viewing
report of lecturers.

1.2 Proposed system


The ‘Feedback System’
Approaches all about institutional practices and processes that are taken into
consideration, the student’s concerns of the level of the knowledge they
receive. The College Feedback System is a management information system for
education establishments to manage student data. An Online Student Feedback
System is an automatic feedback generation system that provides the proper
feedback to the teachers as per the categories like always, poor, usually, very
often, sometimes.






Student Module: First, the student has to register.
Only registered Student will log in by his username and password. . In the
dashboard all the contents of the student’s feedback forms will be displayed.
There would be an option student feedback in this there would be questions
related to how students can make the teaching quality more good . Student can
tell his likes and dislikes about the teachers by attending every questions.

2.2 Faculty Module: Here
faculty will first login in this section. The faculty will enter their user
name and password if the faculties do not have an account they have to sign up
in order to create an account. As the details are filled the faculty dashboard
appears in which they can fill self appraisal, peer appraisal. The faculty
should firstly fill the self appraisal in which they have to rate themselves on
some criteria. The peer faculty has to click onto the
peer appraisal in order to fill the form as they click onto peer appraisal.


2.3 Principal/H.O.D’s Module: HOD user cannot sign up for the feedback
system since she is the only one to access the feature the login is pre-defined
in code itself. Once the HOD logins into her portal she can perform various
tasks like Giving authority appraisals  also reviewing form no one which is duly filled by
faculty after verifying that only then the HOD can further proceed with the
summary form. In summary, the total of all marks will be calculated and
according to it percentage is calculated also the grades are calculated on this
percentage basis also she can take print out of the summary list and keep a
backup of it.











Fig -1: Flow of the system






key features and advantages of online feedback system are listed below:

Cost-efficiency: using this system reduces the cost of paper and in
person surveys which are conducted also the administration cost is reduced.

Time saver: feedback software saves a lot of time and effort. Through
this system, you can quickly generate, collect and examine surveys. Performing
all of these functions in one integrated web system saves you a extensive
amount of time.

Convenience: It is very convenient for users to complete online surveys.
Participants can fill out forms when they choose to and start and stop a survey
at their ease.

 4) Accessibility: Administering your
surveys through an online system increases accessibility. Link of the survey
can be sent via Gmail or any other social networking platform. Respondents then
have a variety of ways to access the forms including mobile phones,
laptops, tablets, computers, etc.

 5) Reach & Scalability: One of
the greatest advantages of using online surveys is the reach and scalability.
You can send surveys to thousands of people at the same time you take to send
survey to single person. Also you can send surveys across the world and create
forms in different languages.

Flexibility: Online surveys provide more flexibility in the design. in manual system
participants can skip question but here this is not possible since every field
is mandatory therefore the form will not get submitted till each and every
questions are attempted.

Anonymity: here admin also cannot view that which feedback was submitted by which
student. With this feature student can give honest feedback without disclosing
their identity.

More Accurate: Since it is computer generated report the calculation error which
generally comes in manual is reduced and hence providing you with more accurate

 9) Results: As soon
as student has completed the form, principal can view and analyze the reports.
Through an

online feedback management system, data can be presented in formats like
percentage, graphs, pie charts, etc.



IV.      conclusion


In today’s world where education has become a
basic necessity for every child/adult so to ensure that proper education Is
being delivered or not their lefts only one way ‘by taking feedback’ so as to
reduce the manpower the software is build which automatically takes the
feedback turn by turn so as to not skip any of the member.


The ‘Feedback System’ Approaches all about
educational and
institutional practices, the student’s concerns about the

they are being given. In the existing system student is provided with a paper
in which there are set of questions with options where every option has some
marks allotted the students are told to manually mark the options and from that
further calculation is done and the papers are preserved. So as to reduce all
this wastage of manpower, paper & time this software is introduced in the
existing system there are chances of editing the options after the feedback has
been submitted by the higher authority for their greed purpose but in this
software, once the student or peer faculty submits the feedback he himself or
any other unauthorized person cannot edit that feedback again.