Abstract: Drive, Articulated Arm with 5 DoF, Flex Controller

Abstract: The world is evolving into Automation and Robotics whichgives rise to more research and development and production in a rapid rate, asthe human mind is meant to discover and invent but not to do the repeated taskswhich the Robots took control in recent years.

Artificial Intelligence cameinto existence these days, which taught the Robots to take decisions as per therequired scenario.              The Paper deals with the “Design andDevelopment of a Bot with Articulated Arm” which has a wide range ofapplications in the growing world of Robotics. The system comprises of 3 parts.They are Bot with Belt Drive, Articulated Arm with 5 DoF, Flex Controller usingBluetooth.

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This Arm can be controlled with wide range of communication devicessuch as Radio Control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wired Joystick, Accelerometers, FlexSensors, Internet of Things, Self Programming etc. The Robotic Arm is set up ona Bot which has terrain capabilities which is also controlled using the samemode of communication as the Arm.              The Flex Sensor is set up on the Gloves,which are to be worn by the controller/user, which is used to control the Armas well as the Bot in which the major mode of communication is Bluetooth. Thedifferent operations performed by the Articulated Arm is to Hold, Pick, Rise,Rotate and Place / Drop.

And the Bot performs Forward, Backward operations andRotation using opposing wheel techniques. The End effector being a gripper canbe used in various applications such as to hold a Wi-Fi Camera, which can steamthe video to the devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops etc. forSurveillance, Bring Tablets for Elders, Sample collection from Poisonous placesetc.  Keywords:Bot, Articulated Arm, Flex Sensor. 1.

    Introduction: This Articulated Arm is a Robotic Manipulator, which doesthe similar operations, which are done by a human arm with limitations ofdegrees of freedom.  The Applications of Robotic Arms are of wider range inIndustries, Home Purposes, Defense, Medical, Transport etc. as these arms arenot affected at conditions which humans are affected, so these can be used insites of excavations and poisonous environment where humans can’t reach.     For every type of application, there is a different type ofapproach at which the designer should think of the strength, aesthetics, payload capacity, operations performed etc. There are huge variations in thesizes, motors, materials, structures, DOFs, mode of transport etc.   In our paper, the Bot and the Robotic Arm are controlledusing an Arduino Mega as Micro Controller; Flex Sensor gives signals to theBluetooth Transmitter which is received by the Receiver into Arduino, whichpumps the signal to all the Servo Motors and Gear Motors accordingly to operatethe Articulated Arm and Bot. The Aim of the design is to perform the pick and placeoperation wirelessly in light terrain conditions within a range of distance.  2.

    Related Works: TheArdiuno MEGA is programmed in Ardiuno Geniuo software to be operated asintended to do the operations.  To control the robot using Bluetooth, we created a AndroidMobile Application in the interest of the Movement for the Servo Motors andGear Motors to gain specific control over the Robot. 3.    Technical Requirements: Thechosen Technical Requirements are of the best knowledge possible for the rightfunctioning of the bot and arm are as follows: 3.

1 MicroControllerThe Ardiuno Mega Micro Controller is the Hardware used for thecontrolling of the Servo Motors, Gear Motors and receiving the signal from FlexSensors from Bluetooth Module.  3.2 BluetoothModuleThe Bluetooth Receiver is planted on the Arduino Mega where asthe Bluetooth Transmitter is planted on the Flex Sensor, which receives thesignals from the User.3.3 FlexSensorThe Flex Sensors gives resistance-based signals, for everysingle flex sensor, we control each degree of freedom.

The signal can becontrolled accurately as per the level of impulse given. 3.4 GripperThe End Effector being the Gripper performs the operation tohold and release using the gear mechanism with single servo motor. 3.

5 CameraTheVGA Camera that is used in the Surveillance application of the Bot is connectedto the smart phone through Wi-Fi with a frame rate of 15fps, which is reducedfor the sake of long duration video recording in less memory and long batterylife. 4.    Overall Design of the BotInthis paper, the Bot is capable of light terrain, it can climb an inclination of25 degrees carrying a load of 500 grams. The Articulated Arm with Five Degreesof Freedom is capable of lifting 500 grams and transporting it.  4.1 ArticulatedArm The Robotic Arm is the important part of the whole system,which performs the operations of hold and release using gripper and pick andplace using the arm. These Arm and Gripper uses the Servo Motors for theMovement.  The Flex Sensor of theThumb Finger of Right Hand is used for the Rotation of the Arm.

 The Flex Sensor of the Index Finger of Right Hand is used forthe First Joint, which has two Servo Motors. The Flex Sensor of the Middle Finger of Right Hand is used forthe Second Joint. The Flex Sensor of the Ring Finger of Right Hand is used forthe Rotation of the Gripper. The Flex Sensor of the Thumb Finger of the Left Hand is usedfor the Gripper. 4.2 BotThe Bot is capable of moving at an angle of 25 degrees holding500 grams. The Bot is the primary mechanism which is holding the arm andbearing the loads In this paper, we used the belt drive, it can be able to movein light terrain conditions such as agricultural fields, mud roads etc.

forwidening the fields where is it useful. The Gear Motors are high on Torque andless in Speed, preferred these motors for Terrain conditions and to carry thepay load. The Flex Sensor of the Index Finger of Left Hand is used forthe Left Wheels Operation of the Gear Motors. TheFlex Sensor of the Middle Finger of Left Hand is used for the Right WheelsOperation of the Gear Motors. 4.

3 BluetoothModule This is the essential part of the communication system wherethe whole working of the Bot and Arm are brought into action and which decidesthe range of the distance where it can work. Transmitter: The Flex Sensors are connected to the Transmitterto transmit the signal from Flex Sensors to Reciever. Receiver: The Receiver is connected to the Arduino to send thesignals from Transmitter decoded which is used to operate the Servo Motors andGear Motors.Block Diagram of Transmitter End: Flex Sensors of Right Hand + Flex Sensors of Left Hand à Transmitter à Bluetooth Block Diagram of Receiver End:  Bluetooth àReceiver àArduino Mega Micro Processor àServo Motors àArmMovementàGear Movement àBot Movement 4.4 CameraThe Camera used in this paper is a small VGA camera with aframe rate of 15 fps where is can share the video to the smart phones usingWi-Fi network, the video can be recorded into the smart phone itself and can beshot into photos. Or it can be saved in the camera itself using a Micro SDCard.           5.