About beveragesShare a Coke Campaign: the slogan of this

About Coca cola:Coca Cola is a soft drink. it manufactured by Coca Cola company located in Georgia, USA.at first Coca Cola was invented as a medicine, however in 20th century Coca-Cola was acquired by Asa Griggs Candler, with the intention of making it a most dominating soft drink in the beverage industry.

till today, the secret of Coca-cola formula was not disclosed, but there is a lot of experiments and recipes trying to imitate the flavour of original Coca-cola.through years Coca-Cola introduces a new variations of Coke, the most popular were Diet coke, Vanilla, and caffeine free Coca-Cola.in 2003 Coca-Cola was available in about 200 countries around the world, and consumed in quantities more than 1.9 billion Beverages a day.Coca-Cola in considered as third most valuable company in the world.Interesting facts about Coca-Cola:Coca-Cola owns about 20 brands, and each brand generates approximately $1billion in sales per year.

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There are only two countries in the world where Coca-cola products are not sold, these countries are Cuba and North Koreaon average, Mexicans drink 745 beverages a year, and that makes them a biggest drinkers of coke in the world.Coke says the “perfect” temperature to serve its drink is from from 2 to 4 degrees celsius.Coca-Cola has a product portfolio of more than 3,500 beveragesShare a Coke Campaign: the slogan of this campaign was simply same as its name “Share a coke” encouraging people to share coke with others.in 2011 Coca-cola were looking for a creative and big idea for a campaign for a competitive market in Australia.

at first they were focusing at Australian market to increase the interest of their product.in 2012 Coca-cola teamed up with the advertising agency, who were Ogilvy and Mather Australia to launch their digital media campaign “share a coke”.Coca Cola printed 150 of Australians most popular names on the coke bottles for the first initiative, The personalization went beyond names and included popular jargon used by the millennials, including “Bestie” and “Wingman.” then the campaign was first launched in Australia in 2012 and then appeared in Britain in 2013.They also used a variety of marketing techniques, including billboards, TV commercials, element of experimental marketing where customers make their own bottles. However, the most successful was a digital marketing where Coca-Cola pursues people to share their bottles with their names in social media by mentioning the hashtag #shreacoke in each bottle. The innovative marketing plan is targeting teenagers and millennials, allowing them to personalize Coke products with their own names or share it with friends. And the best part is that Coke is making this available through easily shareable digital images as well as actual physical bottles and cans.

Goals and Objectives:The primary objective of this campaign was to increase Coca-cola sales in summer time in Australia.The second objective was to improve the relationship with their consumers, by talking to them through this campaign.They were looking for a strategy to make people not only consume the product, but also love the brand.Share a coke is a unique and creative campaign that succeed  in digital sector, offering its consumers a personalised and unique product.

Some of Share a Coke commercials:USA commercial:           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-ahnFYzMp8 Nigeria Commercial:      https://www.

youtube.com/watch?v=Lu2F0aFNpvg Nederland Commercial: https://www.youtube.

com/watch?v=ioQCwhvdaFU Strategies of the Campaign:Multi-Channel Deployment:for the campaign Coca Cola use various channels, like newspapers, TV advertising.but again it was social media where campaign gained awareness,  particularly it begun in facebook, where people participated in large scale. Moreover, they had an interesting function where people could connect to each other.

Basically consumers had to SMS the Name, then it would be displayed live on the Coca-cola board located at Sydney. Participation through online media campaign:Share a coke campaign inspired a lot of people to remain active in social medias, and share their photos and feelings with friends. they achieved this level of sharing, simply by targeting consumers who are very active in social media who usually share their photos and posts on Facebook, twitter etc. this is a very smart way to promote your brand, as Coca Cola made their customers as a main tool to promote the brand. that led people engage in different platforms like instagram.