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            A person should write a businessplan inasmuch as there are a number of advantages. Needless to say, everyonewants to achieve long-term business goals, and drafting a thorough plan isremarkably important to attain these.            The main purpose of a business planis to help us map the direction of our business so it would be prosperous,valuable, and sustainable over time. By actually investing time to prepare fora new venture, we will most likely thrive because we will have already set outthe specific objectives, foreseen possible complications, laid out the variousstrategies, and analyzed our industry and the potential income and profit thatcome with it — all because of a definite business plan. Another purpose is toaid us manage the firm. It articulates the organizational structure of thebusiness, which will later on help us gain partners, suppliers, manufacturers,and the like.            In general, a business plan intendsto give us a comprehensible vision for and analysis of a business we want topursue.