A superstition that I have always heard throughout high-school

A superstition that I have always heardthroughout high-school is that Friday the Thirteenth is considered theunluckiest day when it happens to come around. I as a matter of fact was bornon August 13th which happened to fall on a Friday. As I was growingup I always heard my friends say that I was born on the unluckiest day of theyear, but I never truly understood why it was considered “unlucky.” When Iturned eighteen I actually went with a couple of my friends to a tattoo parlorin Richmond, Virginia because every Friday the 13th they have certaintattoos for thirteen dollars. According to Stuart Vyse, a professor ofpsychology at Connecticut College in New London, fear that Friday the 13thmay be rooted in religious beliefs surrounding the 13th guest at theLast Supper.

  Judas was the apostle thathad betrayed Jesus and the crucifixion of Jesus was on a Friday, and that wasalso known as hangman’s day (Handwerk, 2017). It has also been said that Evetempted Adam with fruit from the forbidden tree on a Friday the thirteenth. This superstition is considered an”unlucky day” so every time this day comes some people chose to not leave thehouse, and if they do they make sure to take extra precautions before leaving.These precautions could include, making sure they have enough gas in their car,avoiding black cats, taking precautions when around mirrors, etc. Some peopletend to think that if something bad happens on a Friday the thirteenth that itis strictly because of that day. The number thirteen has been consideredunlucky for many years.

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In some Western countries tall buildings are missingthe 13th floor. Some houses don’t have the number 13 along withhotels such as, the Carlton in London (Molloy and Krol, 2017).  Many people have gotten in there head thatFriday the 13th is a day to try and avoid as much as possible. Somepeople wont get married on a Friday the 13th, buy a home, or evenfly, etc.