A say the market’s growth. However, as this industry

A glance at home service industry and its business in 2018  Home services industry is on the rise and the sheer fact that Amazon and Google are trying to mark their leadership in this $400 billion business is good enough to say the market’s growth. However, as this industry consists of lot many works which include plumbing to flooring and HAVC to landscaping it is difficult to understand the industry. Despite this, we have tried to give an analysis of this industry for the coming year taking into account the trends and costs.FlooringFlooring services since 2014 have been seeing an increase in terms of sales and in that particular year, this service had more than $19.5 billion turnover. The main reason for the sudden hike in this service is the effect of lot many factors such as renovation, repair, and new constructions. The same growth rate is expected to happen for the coming 3 to 4 years. In the flooring services, carpet services stand at the top and has 50% of this market. Despite this dominance the hardwood floors too gave a pretty good show. The other floor types which will be in demand are resilient and ceramic flooring. This service will see about 5% to 7% growth rate from 2018 to 2024.HVAC/PlumbingPlumbing & HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors) are mostly grouped as one, at least in this home service industry. The HVAC business in 2014, provided nearly 292,000 jobs, and it is anticipated to increase by 14% by the end of 2024. Plumbing, on the other hand, gave livelihood to nearly 425,000 and is it anticipated to increase 12% by 2022.LandscapingThis particular industry comprises nearly 93,000 firms in the US alone and has a share of nearly $50 billion in addition to giving livelihood to 90,000 people. Unfortunately, though there are many services in this service the margins are very low and the work is seasonal.ConcreteThe concrete related services & contractors are more often local and confine to a certain well-defined region. Residential concrete works are dissimilar to commercial concrete works and whilst residential concrete contractors perform all the works there are different concrete contractors for commercial works. The biggest challenge this service faces is the health hazard issues.Moving and StoringThis particular service has nearly 8,000 firms & generates roughly $12 billion in joint revenue. The service includes both national and interstate movers and packers. Amongst all the services this service in handyman sector faces tough competition due to fuel fluctuations and travel unsafety.However, in totality, the forthcoming year-2018 looks promising to home services industry with the increased use of mobiles and increasing apps and services related to this industry.Note: All the statistics denoted in the article represent the USA alone.