A product logo on Figure 2.1 for Kwik shoe

A product is a good or service that can be in a physical or in a virtual form offered to a market which will satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers.  The product logo on Figure 2.

1 for Kwik shoe cleaner uses the color of mahogany that represents organic and natural like rice husks as one of our main ingredients and shoe with wings symbolizes the convenient and faster way of cleaning the shoes using the product. Kwik comes from the word “Quick” which means fast or done in a short amount of time. Kwik shoe cleaner is a consumer product used to clean faster and restore the appearance of any shoes without any difficulties, thereby extending the footwear’s life. Kwik shoe cleaner is safe and effective it won’t damage shoe surface, but will demolish stains and dirt, it works on all surfaces including cloth and leather, instead of wiping your shoes with an old rag, use a brush to get dirt out of all the nooks and crannies of your favorite shoes.Business Product’s Tagline would be “If it’s got to be Clean, It’s got to be Kwik!” Kwik shoe cleaner not only cleans the shoes but cleans it in a faster way.PriceAs new entrant, we will lower our prices compared to the leading brand. There is a little risk here since our product requires affordable raw materials.

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Our pricing has the dual marketing function of making products affordable to its target market and at the same time, reflecting the value of the product.A company’s success does not only depend on how well it performs, but also on how well its entire marketing channel competes with channels of the competitors. It must also be good at managing a partner relationship with the suppliers and resellers to be good at customer relationship management. An indirect marketing channel will be used as a distribution channel of our corporation as shown on Figure 2. The production department is located on our main office at Mabalacat, Pampanga which will be the center of commerce in Central Luzon.

Our finished products will be then distributed to wholesalers and retailers such as Shoe sellers, Supermarkets, and Drug stores in bringing the shoe cleaner to final consumers. An intensive distribution strategy would be applied, as our products will be available in many outlets as possible whenever our consumers need them. Thus, providing a maximum brand exposure of our product and at the same time consumer convenience. With the use of intermediaries, it creates a greater efficiency in making products readily available to target markets. Therefore, adding a customer value by minimizing the time and place gaps that separate these products from those who would use them.

 Promotion Developing a better product, pricing it attractively and making it readily available to target markets are not enough to build a better relationships with the customers. Companies must also communicate their value propositions to customers through a well-planned promotion such as advertising, public relations, direct marketing tools, personal selling, and sales promotion. Our corporation plans to offer 1 or 2 sachets samples of shoe cleaner attached on flyers to be handed out on different sponsored events and in a shoe store or kiosk. In addition to these, we plan to advertise our products through the use of internet such as Facebook, YouTube and other social media. Lastly, sponsoring a game television show such as Eat Bulaga’s all for one, one for all as one of their giving rewards. With these promotion strategies, our company can persuasively communicate customer value and build better customer relationships.