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  A customsofficer is a law enforcement agent working on behalf of government, they are anagency or an authority that is responsible for tariff collection, transport,personal effects, controlling the flow of goods and hazardous objects that aresmuggled in and out of the country. Once aperson goes through the customs (after being searched), that person can’t turnaround and go back where they just came from.

The personalskills and qualities that are required to work for the customs are:1)    You should be pretty confident andready for people to come and speak to you as they might tell you importantinformation, or they might just ask you some questions about certain things.2)    You will have to be pretty alert asthere are many people that are trying to smuggle in some illegal substances,weapons and other things that are just illegal to possess in the country theyare leaving/ entering. One way people try to smuggle in drugs is putting drugslike cocaine in a condom then they tie it and swallow it. This means that mostof the time the security doesn’t know about it as the substance is storedinside the body. If that condom splits inside the body it would mean that thesubstance would enter the person’s blood stream, if this will happens it willseriously harm them or even kill them.

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Customs officers have to look out forany signs such as body language and symptoms to determine if the person has anyillegal substances on them.3)    If you work in a team with otherofficers it will be easier and faster to get the job done. If you just decideto work independently, it will be harder for you to get the job done and itwill take longer. 4)    You must be pretty bright and forwardthinking to determine if a certain person is trying to smuggle something in orout, also where they are hiding the object/ substance. When you get this jobyou will get the right training and the right knowledge of how the system worksand all the procedures that take place.5)    You will have to prepare reports andwitness statements. 6)    You will get the right training onhow to handle a dog and also how to use all the equipment that you will begiven in general.

The onlypeople you can arrest are the people that have committed an offence or brokethe law by having anything illegal on them. A male practically always searchesa male and a female searches a female if a strip search takes place. If a maleofficer wants to search a woman’s bag he technically can but she can say thatshe wants a female officer to search her bag instead. Theseofficers are basically the main security on border controls and airports, theyare there to make people feel safe and they prevent people from bringing inillegal things into and out of the country. By doing this officers preventpeople harming the country on purpose as anyone that tries to get past securitywith anything illegal will get stopped, this is good.

Therefore officers haveto look out for people that are trying to cause any harm. Usually, thesecurity guards have sniffer dogs that are well trained to sniff out illegalsubstances, weapons, bombs and other illegal things. Also the security willprevent the area/ other people from getting attacked. Equipmentthat security guards are able to use:You willhave to wear sensible clothing, most of the time a uniform and shoes that arewell tied so that if you are chasing someone they don’t fall off. If there is ahigh security threat, you will get given a bulletproof vest for protection.

Allsecurity and defence industries should have bulletproof vests as they canreally save lives, especially where there is a high security threat. Defence equipment:All securityofficers receive a lot of equipment that is crucial for them to defendthemselves. This is batons/ guns, pepper sprays. There is a pretty wide rangeof things they can receive. All of this equipment is used to prevent anyassaults/ attacks from taking place.  Flash light:You might berequired to go into a dark place so having a flash light is useful as you willbe able to see in the dark easier. Notebook and pen:You willneed it to write down reports and any useful information. Walkie talkie: You willreceive a two way radio so that you can communicate with other officers in caseyou need any information or you have to report something.

Mobile Phone:It’s good tohave a phone as it provides direct contact to the person that you want to getin touch with. Belt:A heavy dutybelt will hold all of your equipment around your waist. It must be strong asthere is a fair amount of weight it will have to hold.

Patrolling of the premises:You willhave to follow a strict routine. You might be given a certain time and area topatrol. You should get a timetable that states when you have your breaks andwhen your shift ends so that you can swap with another person. If you are newand just started the job, you will probably put in short shifts or shifts thatare not busy. This is so that you can get used to the job and you learn thebasics before jumping on to do the harder and busier shifts. You will mostlypatrol the area on foot but people outside the premises will be going around ina vehicle patrolling a perimeter.

There will be a route given so that you cango round patrolling one section. A walkie talkie is useful in situations whenyou have to call for back up as you can communicate with others quickly.Every guardwill be given a specific job to do, such as one guard might have to patrol thearea with a sniffer dog that is able to sniff out any illegal items andsubstances. Some dogs are even trained to sniff out bombs.

     Roles ofPrison Security GuardsPrisonsecurity guards are there to look out for any dangers, and to make sure that noweapons or any other things such as drugs don’t get bought into the premises.They have to be really alert all the time and look out for any dangerousobjects like shanks. Prisoners make their own weapons from razor blades,anything metal, or sometimes even sharp plastic objects.

These objects arecalled shanks and are used by the prisoners all the time to kill otherprisoners/ seriously harm them, but guards can also be the targets. For guardsit can be hard finding dangerous objects as prisoners hide them where they can,for example they hide objects down the toilet, inside their pillows. Guardsalso have to look for drugs as there are a lot of them in prisons. Tooth picks,paper clips and pins are also objects that guards look out for as prisonersmight use them to escape.  Securityguards also have to search visitors as they might try bringing in dangerousobjects/ drugs to pass on to the prisoner.

This is how the things get broughtinto the prison, mostly drugs.  What can and cant the prison securityguards do?   The prisonsecurity guards have the right to search you if they believe that you arebringing in anything dangerous or illegal. If you are a woman, you can say thatyou would like a woman to search you. If you are doing anything against the lawor disturbing the peace, the prison security guards can arrest you. Guards canonly forcefully arrest you if there is no other way and you are resisting orbeing violent towards them or anyone else.

Securityguards are there to stop vandalism and violence. They should arrest anyone thatis trying to cause any harm. They really have to stay alert all the time asthere are many fights breaking out all the time.

People that are visiting theprison must also feel safe.    Prisonsecurity officers are mostly responsible for custody, supervision of prisoners,care and they are also responsible for the operation of prisons.  Guards have designated areas they have topatrol, and they have to maintain the behaviour of prisoners. All doors andwindows have to be inspected to keep the high security up to standard.All cellsare searched regularly and often at times when the inmates least expect it. Thesecurity guards usually find shanks and drugs in some of the cells. Admittanceprocedures get carried out once new prisoners arrive to prison, prisoners getissued with uniforms, they must fill out paperwork and they will have theprison rules read out to them.

The main responsibilities: 1)    Protection of lives2)    Maintain security 3)    Patrol the perimeter 4)    Protection of property and premises 5)    Detect crime6)    Keeping records 7)    Locking up premises 8)    Searching the inmates belongings andcells9)    Patrolling area in daytime and atnightWhat personal skills and qualitiesare required to become a prison security guard? 1)    You must be alert all the time, thisis so that you can spot out anything dangerous. This includes; weapons, drugsand fights between inmates.2)    You must be able to listen and havegood communication skills, most importantly you must be approachable. 3)   You should not mistreat inmates and anyone around you.4)   You must be organised and have good tactics. You must also stay calm andhandle arguments well. 5)   You will be responsible for the inmates and their security.

6)   You must have good team working skills as you will probably work withother guards most of the time. Equipment the prison security guardsare able to use:You willmost probably get given a smart uniform that you will have to wear. You willalso have to wear shoes that stay on your feet well so that you can run awayfrom danger if an inmate tries to attack you. You will receive a bulletproofvest that will protect your body.

Bulletproof vests are important if you workfor any defence industries, these vests can absorb the impact from shrapnel,bullets and shanks. Flash light:You mighthave to walk into the dark and by using a flash light you can see more easily.It might also be useful when searching cells and looking in every dark cornerof the cell. Defence equipment:There is alot of equipment prison security guards can use, this can be; riot shields,batons/ guns, pepper sprays and handcuffs.

Guards use this equipment to protectthemselves from violent inmates. This equipment is really needed in a securityindustry. Walkie talkie:Securityguards and close protection officers working in retail or at events need a twoway radio to communicate with each other or the center. Notebook and pen:You may needit to write stuff down such as important information or to write reports. High visibility clothing and belt:Prisonerswill see you more easily and it will make them obey the law as it will be hardfor them to do anything if you are around.

Also by wearing hi vis other guardswill spot you more easily in daytime and at night.All of theequipment will be attached to a solid belt that you will wear. There willbe certain areas you will have to patrol at certain times. If you are going topatrol in daytime, you will most probably not have to patrol in the night butin some serious cases you might be required to do so with other guards. Guardsmostly patrol the area on foot as you will probably have one area to patrol.

But some guards outside might patrol the area around the prison in a car. Someof the guard will have duties to monitor exits and entrances around the prison.If a prisoner tries to escape they will be caught.Somesecurity officers will have to study some prisoners and some officers will betold not to communicate with prisoners.

There will also be officers that arekeeping their eye on cctv all the time to look out for any violence and to makesure that none of the prisoners escape. Prisonsecurity guards are not allowed to mentally or physically abuse you as that isagainst the law. They can search the prisoner if they believe that they arecarrying a weapon or any illegal substances.