A memories tell us about who we are, as

A complex mental system known as (AM) orautobiographical memory, allows persons to recollect information, events, andexperiences from their past (Williams, Conway, & Cohen, 2008; as cited inPrebble, Addis, & Tippett, 2013). For some individual, or at least in somecircumstances, the memory that uses as reflective, such focus is likely to havelonger terms value if it is focused on more negative content. (Watkins, 2008).Autobiographical memory acts significantly in self or identity function, wereminisce because our memories tell us about who we are, as an individual thatis consistent across time.

(Bluck & Alea, 2008; Conway, 2005; Wilson &Ross, 2010; as cited in Harris, Rasmussen & Berntsen, 2014).  In addition, the memories serve an importantfunction in problem-solving as well. Pillemer (2003) indicated that we recallthe past, in order to learn a lesson, to solve existing problem, or to motivateand planning future as well as adjusting one’s behavior accordingly. Interestingly, autobiographical memory found tobe gendered. Typically, women are considered superior in remembering comparedto men.

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Gender has emerged as a critical feature, thus, it became an imperativetopic on individual differences in elaborated emotional expression inautobiographical memory. Even though not all AM studies find genderdifferences, a clear pattern is noticed in emotional expressivity especiallywhen gender differences are discussed. Grysman and Hudson (2013) mentioned thatacross a variety of studies and methods, females are more detailed, elaborated,relational, and emotionally expressive than males when it comes toautobiographical memories.

Furthermore, Heron et al., (2012) stated that womenrecall a higher number of specific memories than men when it comes to thecomparison in the functioning of autobiography memory (as cited in Trives,Bravo, Postigo, Segura, & Watkins, 2016). Are women express moreemotionally than men? This study aims to examine gender difference in emotionalintensity of autobiographical memory.