A is about magic, ninjas, friendship, hatred, and war.

A book or should I say the book series that I have read for the past 2 years is the shonen jump manga named Naruto, this book was created by Masashi Kishimoto. This series has a total of 97 books that have been produced in the span of 15 years and also has a show that has been running for the same equivalent span. Naruto is about magic, ninjas, friendship, hatred, and war.

The story starts off with with a village being destroyed by the Nine-Tailed fox which is one of the 9 deities in this world and they are all named by the number of tails they have making number 9 the last tailed beast. This village being destroyed is called the Village of the Hidden Leaves and this is where our main protagonist Naruto is from and this also happens to be the day he’s born when the village is being destroyed and chaos is engulfing the village and disaster spreads. The leader of the village, known as the Fourth Hokage ends up sacrificing himself to seal the Nine-Tails inside of the  newborn, Naruto Uzumaki. The child was orphaned by the attack and therefore and no parents or guardians to look after him when he grows up, Naruto is shunned by the villagers, who out of fear and anger viewed this young child as the Nine-Tails itself.

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Naruto never knew why he was treated this way but it was because of the Third Hokage who took over and outlawed speaking about anything related to the Nine-Tails. Which caused the parents of the children to stay away and shun this poor kid. The kids of the village inherited the same hatred and animosity towards Naruto. This later caused Naruto to have the motivation to be acknowledged and he vowed to one day in the future become the greatest Hokage the village had ever seen. This is the prologue to the story and we are later introduced to more characters in the story and that is where we see the friendship and bonds that Naruto makes throughout his journey and he manages to changes people’s view of him and makes friends wherever he goes even in worst case scenarios when he manages to turn the enemy to the light even after taking the many lives of the people Naruto tried to protect. What I like about Naruto is his determination and no matter what comes in his way he always happens to find a way around his dilemma. I love how Masashi makes every character unique in their own way and no just some cheap copie, I love how he goes into detail about some characters past lives and the pain and agony they have gone through to make it this far and what made them the way they are. I also believe I should be admitted into this course because I wanna be driven by motivation, I wanna be challenged in life because someone can not progress doing the same thing over and over in their lives.

I believe that people can only progress and become better when faced with a challenge and this is the challenge I need in my life. Not because I have to but simply because I want to. I want to have a taste of what college is like, I want to break out of my shell of laziness and handing in assignments late. I want to learn responsibility, I want to progress, teach myself to write better, and become more professional.

I have already taken steps to improve myself and take responsibility in my actions. I am applying for jobs in the summer to teach my responsibility, I am teaching myself the basics of computer science at home to improve my work ethics and knowledge just in case I want to change careers, I’m trying to stop handing things in late and abusing my teachers kindness by handing them in last minute because I know that won’t get me anywhere in life. I believe this is the best option for me in order to improve myself. These are some of the reasons I believe I should be admitted and I hope to see you in AP Literature next year.