A equity because it brings communities, businesses, and governments

A public health approach is important in achieving health
equity because it brings communities, businesses, and governments together to
empower all people, not just the privileged, to live healthier lives. Poor
communities often do not have access to quality products and services related
to good health, including higher education, quality housing, clean air, fresh
produce, and public safety. This type of inequity causes health disparities,
especially in minority populations. Public health initiatives address such
issues by promoting equal distribution and access to health-promoting

            Taking a
public health approach is effective in closing disparities caused by racism and
classism. Poverty and health go hand in hand – the best predictor for someone’s
health is that person’s social class. Without public health efforts, much of
the health-related information and services would only be accessible to those
who can afford it. Public health initiatives make health information and
services available to more people, not just to those who can afford it. Such
initiatives will close health disparities, bringing us closer to health equity.

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Research has shown that spending
time in prison is related to poor health and a shorter life expectancy. In a
society where the justice system targets racial minorities and gives them
harsher sentences, a pubic health approach is paramount. Public health
organizations can promote policies that remove minor, nonviolent crimes from an
individual’s record, reduce sentences for minor offences, and give support to
people who leave prisons so that those people will have better employment
opportunities, which in turn leads to good health.