A because a good neigborhood reflects the community’s character,

A bad neighbor is amisfortune, as much as a good neighbor is a blessing. Neighbors are the peoplewho live near us, and their behaviour influences our daily life. Good neighborscan make us feel comfortable and help us in many ways, and everyone will bebenefited from a good relationship among neighbors. Though we like or dislikeour neighbors it is very important to keep a good relation with them. Not onlyour next-door neighbors, our relation with neighboring countries must as wellbe good .

The area of the placethat surrounds our home or the area we live in is called neighborhood. Goodneighborhood is as important as neighbors because a good neigborhood reflectsthe community’s character, encourages the people living in that neighborhood toinvolve in social development projects and other activites. Not only in thearea we are living but the country also needs a good neighborhood in order tobe developed.Special relationshipbetween neighboring countries increases the possibility of development of thosecountries. In perspective of South Asia, the relationship between all the eightcountries (i.

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e. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal,Pakistan, Sri lanka) that lie in this part of the world is good. All thesecountries have a good relation with each other and have proven to be goodneighbors by helping the country that is in need.

  A good neighborhood is required to all thecountries as they will be of great help economically, politically, culturally.Relation between the countries of South Asia can be seen from differentperspectives:  Economical view, culturalview, political view, trade relation. If we look at therecent updates, we can see that the economic status of the countries in South Asia is growing rapidly. This part ofworld is experiencing positive economic momentum. Since decades, South Asia hasfocused on improving overall health and primary education levels and upgradinginfrastructures, areas of particular importance for future diversification.Health and primary education and infrastructures have proved significantly inSouth Asia but the latter remains the region’s second weakest pillar.

Investment in these areas will be essential to fully unlock economic growth.Despite of only having some countries with high economy rate,it has helped toincrease the economic growth rate of South Asia. There are many people belowpoverty line in the countries in South Asia but still we can see the rapideconomic growth in this region. This rapid economic growth has become onlypossible due to the unity they have in them and also because they are in a goodneighbourhood. Not only this, the countries with high economic rate help the countriesthat are developing. They donate huge amount of money to developing countriesfor the sake of their development. In this way the countries in South Asia areeconomically related.

South Asian countriesare characterized by tremendous socio-cultural diversity,which , in the firstplace is observed within each country of the region. Nevertheless people of theregion share social, cultural, linguistic and religious practices across thenational boundaries.  One can either seethe diversity as too overwhelming to see any relevance in the region as acivilizational enitity or one can point out the similarities and see them assymptomatic of cultural continuities across the subcontinet. Similarities arealso observed in the social realm as people from South Asia also shareanalogous hierarchical comceptions of society, with the caste system largelyreplicated by people as its epitome.

South Asia is a land in which people havemanaged to introduce caste into all religions, be it Christianity, Buddhism,Jainism, Hinduism, or Islam. Though people of different religions live in theseregion, they live in peace and tolerance. Similarities in their culture andtradition has also helped them unite.

in this twenry first century, all thecountries in this region has modernized and due to this all religions aretreated equally. Even though people of different kind, different religion andculture live in these countries, they live in equality and tolerance. On thepolitical level, despite the intermittent difference in regimes, some practicesare strikingly similar, such as dynastic tradition that has enabled women tooccupy the highest position in several countries of South Asia. The fact thatdiscrimination against women can reach high levels in these socities can not beresisted. Political parties has played an active roles in decolonization,freedom struggles and social change in the region.

All the countries in theSouth Asia has almost same history too. India, since its independence has practiced democracy and is mostmatured democracy in the region while Bangladesh and Pakistan have bothexperienced military and civilian rules. While democracy has been stablized inBangladesh, democratic practices are weak in Pakistan. Even if Nepal was notcolonized it was ruled by royal family which is now abloished and Nepal hasopted for federal democracy.

Though Sri lanka demonstrated a stable politicaldevelopment, in recent years politics has been turbulent.  Bhutan has been the only South Asian countrywith a monarchial rule. Inspite of many experiment and innovative efforts tostreamline public administrations, government has remained weak, unresponsiveto citizen’s need, transparent and unaccountable.

These have made wickedproblems such as corruption, poor service quality and delivery, energy crisis,unemployment, more precarious in all the countries in South Asia. The traderelationship withing the countries of South Asia is also good. Pakistan and Srilanka are considered as the export base of the four major South Asian countries(Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri lanka). While some countries export thegoods and necessities, the other countries import. Though the south Asiancountries don’t  trade with each otherextensively, they have a good trade relation.

Intraregional trade mainlyconsists of food commodities and agricultural raw materials. The trade relationis good mainly between India and Nepal as Nepal can depend only upon China andIndia for exporting and importing. Due to similarity in culture, food habits, dressingstyle, it becomes easier to import goods from India rather than from China. Thetrade realtion of Nepal-India is good also because of open borders betweenIndia and Nepal. The government does not have to pay high tax to import goodfrom bordered countries. Not only of Nepal-India but trade relation of Indiaand Bhutan, Maldives, Sri lanka is euqally good.

The political disputes betweenPakistan and India has decreased the trade rate in South Asia. If the disputeis solved, the trade rate would increase rapidly between the countries and itwould help in rise of economic growth of this region.South Asiancountries have established a regional intergovernmental organization andgeopolitical union of nations which is called The South Asian Association forRegional Cooperation (SAARC).

SAARC was founded in Dhaka on December 8, 1985.The organization was founded in order to promote development of economic andregional integration. SAARC maintains diplomatic relations at  the UN as an observer and has develpoed linkswith multilateral entities. SAARC not only maintains relations but also focusesto support individuals and organizations within the region. It also helps topromote active collaboration and mutual assistance in the economic, social,cultural, techinal and sceintific fields. It gives awards to individuals andoraganizations based in South Asia in order to encourage them to undertakeprograms that complement the efforts of SAARC, to encourage them to contributefor bettering the conditions of women and children, to maintain peace,development, environment protection and regional cooperation. South Asiahas formed a council called South Asian Federation Games for games thatconsists multi-sport event which is held among the athletes from South Asia. Thiscouncil was formed in 1993 which is joined by all eight member countries ofSouth Asia.

Sports like cricket, taekwondo, badminton, basketball, cycling,baseball, football, shooting, squash are competed upon in the South Asiangames. The council was formed to perform sports events so that it will help topromote cooperation, understanding and relation among the countries in SouthAsia. Organizing games and playing between neighboring countries andneighborhood will help to know more about the country. In addition to this,during the games the country has to build stadiums, courts, pools and otherrequired facilities for the games which can later be used for internal games.

In one hand, the relation between the countries become stronger and in theother hand, development will be seen in sports sector. Also, the neighboringcountry would know the needs of out country and would help us develop in sportssector. So it is important to organize sports events between countries likeSouth Asian games. The neighborhoodin South Asia is good if we see it from the perspective of economy, culture,trade and politics. In addition with that a good neighborhood must also be ofhelp when in need.  Acoordingly climatealso plays a major role in making the neighbor and neighborhood good or bad.

When the neighboring countries face disasters or calamities, the neighbors musthelp the country that is suffering. Not only economically but the wholeneighborhood must be able to help the country in every way possible. Beingsupportive just economically does not make the neighborhood a good one.

In todays world, neighbors play a veryimportant role in our life. Be it next-door neighbor or be it a country next toours; nobody is complete without neighbors. But as nieghbors, neighborhood isequally important because having a goof neighbor but not living in a goodneighborhood wouldn’t be of any help because to be strong not only our neighborbut the whole neighborhood must be supportive. The climate in the South Asia isalmost similar and all the countries have to face the same kind of climate, soall the countries know how the climate feels like and how it feel when theweather is bad. Therefore the countries in South Asia don’t take a step backwhen it’s time to help the countries in the region. Not allcountries have all the facilities that is needed in order to have a prosperlife.

Some or the other problems are created in small countries like Nepal,Maldives. For example, if a person is critically ill and the equipmentsrequired to cure the person is not available in the country, then the personhas to be taken to foreign developed neighboring country. In this case, theneighboring country must be able to help us. Likewise, problems likeumemployment is also found in developing countries, so the developed countriesmust provide employment opportunities to the people. In context of Nepal, asit’s neighboring country is India, it has been of great help. India hasprovided a platform for employment and even in education sector India hasprovided seats to the students from foreign in affordable price.

Not onlyIndia, all countries in this region are helpful and are ready to help neighborsduring their bad times. Nepal being a landlocked country, there is no seatransportation and even for food varities, sea foods are unavailable. In thiscase, foreign neighboring countries which has sea has helped Nepal throughtrade.

Export rate is less in Nepal and import rate is high. Because Nepal isnot fully developed, it frequently needs help and there are countries inneighborhood which are ready to help at any instant due to which developmentwork has become a bit easier.Neighboringcountries and neighborhood provide platform to the people from their region indifferent sectors. Beauty peagents are organized so that women from differentregions would attend it and be able to showcase themselves and their talents.Not only for women, even for men events like these are organized.

With theseevents we will be able to know more about different cultures and traditions ofdifferent countries and we can know them properly. Though in South Asia, womenare not given much priority, events like beauty peagents will help to increasetheir confidence level and will be able to make them stand in front of theworld confidently. Showcasing the talent of an individual would provide him/hera lots of opportunities in future which would eventually give him/her successin the field s/he is working in. if the foreign country helps in making careerof the people of that country then obviously the bond between them would bestronger.  Even for safety of the country, goodneighborhood is needed. If the neighboring country is helpful and hopes thebetterment of its neighboring country then hopefully it will protect the othercountry too.

Small and developing countries don’t have enough equipment tofight again its enemies but developed countries would have it all. So it wouldbe of great help to have a neighbor. It is very difficult for a nation tosurvive without anybody’s help as everybody needs help.

If a nation is alonehas no relation with any of the neighboring countries and decides to remainalone then the nation would not be there any longer as a powerful nation wouldcapture it. Nobody can live in this cruel world alone. Not everyone is cruelbut in order to be safe and feel protected, one must have a good relation withneighbor. For thedevelopment of the country, correct advises should be given so that the countrycan be developed in a smooth manner. It is the duty of neighboring country togive right advice to the developing country so that the country can bedeveloped. Not only for development, but to make different kinds of decisions,neighbors are important. In addition to neighbors, neighborhood can help morein making correct decision. Decision made by self may not be fully correct butdecisions made after dicussing with others will eventually help them to make aright decision.

  Here, if the neighborhas a wicked thinking, then it will surely lead its neighbor country to a wrongdestination and try to destroy it. For the sake of developing a country andreaching to a right destination its important to have neighbors andneighborhood of good intension.Neighborsare also important because we can go for their county for vacations. Due tothis, one will be able to know the lifestyle, culture, tradition of the other.Not only for fun but visiting foreign would also increase the knowledge ofpeople. One can also see the development projects that is going on in thatcountry due to which he can come back to his country and try to imply the sameidea in order to develop the country.

Travelling would also help them make newfriends and would let them know more about the neighboring countries.Travelling to neighboring countries also plays a vital role in making the bondbetween two countries stronger.  Therefore,for economical growth, for security, for political development, for growth intrade rate, for vacations, for platforms, for development of the country, forjob opportunities and for other important reasons having a good relation withneighbors is important. But having a good neighborhood is as equally importantas having a good neighbor because the way the whole neighborhood can help, oneneighbour cannot. As said “two heads better than one”, neighborhood is betterthan only neighbor. Hence from accumulating the facts and ideas we can concludethat neighborhood is as important as neighbors.