A at the Riverwalk in Tuscaloosa. Everything about this

day at the Park

            Trying to escape from a busy life and just have some
alone time by myself, I found a place that was flat, and wide with beautiful
lawn. The place I had found was a little spot at the Riverwalk in Tuscaloosa. Everything
about this place was everything I needed and more for that day. I took a walk
around the trail when it was dawn, the sun was peeking from behind the clouds,
the clouds were slowly moving trying to cover the sun, the light was something
like light coming from a bulb. I begin to take a deep breath with my eyes
closed, and I got the smell of fresh morning air seeking through my nose. I proceeded
walking through the trail with my picnic basket full of food.

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            As I was walking I came to an open spot on the green lawn
just the right place for my picnic. There was a nice view of the river in front
of me. I was greeted by the gentle breeze, attacking me to the ground. The grass
was freshly cut thin but soft as a kitten’s fur, the fresh green color was like
a fresh bag of spinach, the clouds were lovely like cotton candy, they had
formed different shapes floating in the sky. As I was laid out on the lawn, I could
see children flying their kites and couples of all ages walking their dogs or
just out enjoying the beautiful morning scenery and breeze.

            I get up and begin to twirl around in the grass, I could
hear the rustling sound when I am stepping on the grass, it was clear and short
but would disappear when I stopped. The water was slowly moving along the
river, it looked so refreshing and calm. If I would have had a floaty I would
have floated on down the river peacefully worrying about nothing. I can see the
ripples of water passing by the pier, followed by a long-lasting sound of
expiration and inspiration, just like a kid getting chased around the block by
the neighbor’s dog taking deep breaths.

            As time went by, the sunset appeared in front of me, the
river was gulping down the big red apple, and the sunlight is reflected by the
river. The sky has begun to turn gray and the black shadow is gulping down the
light like a thirsty baseball player on a hot Summer day. The sharp razor made
of ripples keep punching the back of the river, the rock in the middle of the
river was drowning, the rock tried to stay afloat but couldn’t it was beginning
to suffer.

            Whoever thought relaxing at the park would be a nice
thing to do. I think I have found my new go to place when I want to get away
from everything and everybody and just relax. Sometimes we just need some time
to ourselves to take a break from everyday life like school, work and children
(if you have them).