A at American Military University stated that “The recommendation

A social issue may be a problem, illness,or even a social conflict that is capable of influencing and is opposed by asignificant number of individuals in the society. Often, it is a result offactors that extend beyond an individual’s control and local geographicalenvironment. Campus crime is a social issue with capacity not only to influencethe particular institutions of learning but the whole society at large. The lawrecognizes the existence of many crimes in campuses and seeks to regulatethrough the campus crime act. According to the Michigan State University Policeand many other campus police offices “It is recommended that all the crimescommitted in and around the school campus to be reported to the necessaryauthorities”.

(Michigan) Campus security guards have been hired for the purposeof the safety in campus. Most campuses usually have a good number of security guardsthat will be constantly patrolling around the campus to protect and to avoidany campus crimes. The problem is what can they do when they see someoneoffending crimes with arm? Mark Bond, professor of criminal justice at AmericanMilitary University stated that “The recommendation from the task force is tohire and train armed security officers to patrol and protect school campuses”.(Mark) So I think campus security guards should carry Tasers with them whenpatrolling.Sexual harassment and assault is anothermain crime in campus. According to Mark Bond, professor of criminal justice atAmerican Military University stated that “The larger percentage of rapes andother sexual assaults are those that go unmentioned.

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Some of them are hateactions. Biases about religion, gender, tribe, race among others makes studentsget involved in such risky behavior.”(Mark) This becomes risky for thesestudents when they are in places where they are alone or walking along lonelypaths and dark places. Security guards may happen to be around by accident, andif they do run into these crimes, it is best that they have weapon that ispowerful enough to stop the crime immediately. When security guards are armedwith Tasers, they will be able to stop crimes immediately and protect thevictim from getting further offenses. Security guards may have a higher chanceof running into crimes and needs to save the victim, so it is necessary toprovide the security guards with Tasers.

Crimesare usually very rampant in schools of higher learning. They are inclusive butnot limited to the ones that I will discuss. Aggravated assault is an attack byone person unlawfully on another for injuring them.

Arson, which is more commonduring strikes and riots, is the malicious burning or any attempt to burnproperty. Students may be playing or using fire to offend a crime in campus. Possessionof illegal weapons is also very common among campus students. Hate crimes,which are practiced in opposition of other members of the institution, is alsoanother example of campus crime. Campus police may not be around all the time,and security guards are the ones who may run into this kind of crimes.

But whatcan a security guards do when he has no weapon with him? The criminal willdefinitely try to stop the security guards from informing the police. So whenthis situation comes up, it is always good to make sure that the security guardshas a Taser with him, so he will be able to stun the criminal from range. Whichwill effectively stop the criminal from hurting people or damaging any property.Campussecurity guards should be armed with Tasers in order to better protect thestudents and teachers on campus and also to protect the school property. Accordingto recent statistics from Sierra Lyda researcher of College Crime University ofNorth Carolina, “campus crime is on the rise”. (Sierra) Police are the officialpower for the society’s safety, but their work load is not allowing them to puttheir focus in every corner of the campus, this is also why security guards arehired for.

The security guards with Tasers will better serve the campus safetyand make the campuses a better place in the society.