Laboratory SciLab is an open source somewhat Mat lab-like statistical & matrix
oriented numerical and computational platform. Scilab Enterprise is the
professional service provider and publisher of Scilab. The International
Scientific community both from Industrial and Academic Domains contribute to
the development of Scilab. It encompasses high level programming language and
supports advanced data structure. Scilab supports different domains by
providing functions to them like Maths and Simulation, 2 & 3 D
Visualization, functions for Optimization , Statistical functions, Design &
Analysis of Control System, Signal Processing, Application Development
Interfacing, Xcos-Hybrid dynamic systems modeller and simulator functions.

Scilab 6.0.0

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The present day version of Scilab
is Scilab 6.0.0 released on 15 February 2017.The Release Notes for Scilab 6.0.0
defines new features, updates and major changes over Scilab 5.5.2 by Scilab Enterprise.
Some of the major distinctive features and improvements are: code productivity
attribute, news feed section enhancement, language parser & interpreter and
some changes in Licensing.   


Atom Toolboxes in Scilab provides
different ATOMs (AuTomatic mOdules Management) that enlist different toolboxes
for different domains such as Serial Communication, Signal Processing, Linear
Algebra, Fuzzy Logic and Computer Vision, etc.There is a facility to develop
and publish your own Atom toolboxes.


Image processing and computer vision Toolbox

There are more than 22 image
processing and computer vision toolboxes available.


Atom: IPCV 6.0.0

The latest version of Image
Processing and Computer Vision toolbox is IPCV 1.2.It is the third version of
IPCV released on 7 December 2017 for Linux and windows 32, 64 bit. It was based
on the SIVP Module but with its newer versions now it becomes an independent
module to be integrated with Scilab 6.0.0.



Available on the official Atom
Scilab website
can be easily downloaded.