the Professor of Department of Basic Sciences, I have had the pleasure of
knowing Vinit Jain for four years. He has been a dedicated student who stood
out, both academically and as a good human being.

him the subject of Random Processes&Statistics, Fourier Series&
Transform and Linear Algebra, I got to see his outstanding qualities of
curiosity and logical reasoning to solve the mathematical jargons. He is gifted
with a razor-sharp analytical mind; his assignments almost always had an
innovative approach to it, and spoke of a lot of research and thought that went
into them. On a number of occasions, he would go beyond the mathematical
methods to try to understand the logic behind them. I strongly feel that this
speaks of a high degree of dedication and interest in his field of study. His
active participation in all discussions held in the class and eagerness to
explore deep into problems deserves a special mention.

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has been an all-rounder throughout and apart from doing well in academics, he
has also been actively involved in various extra-curricular activities like
cricket and robotics fest. He was one of the volunteers for the ATOM EXPO fest
during his first year of engineering. He gets involved in any activity he
undertakes, with all the passion of youth. His contagious enthusiasm and
optimism had often been the key factor for the success of many a departmental

my association with the institution, I have taught a number of students and
Vinit happened to be one of those who left a lasting impression on me. He has
consistently been scoring distinction in mathematics throughout his academics.
I would say, that going by ability alone there is none more deserving than
Vinit for admission to the Master’s program.

believe that his positive outlook and previously mentioned skills will help him
in his thirst for success. I am confident that he will be an extremely valuable
addition to your university and department. I wish him all the success in his