The variety of social mediaplatforms make it easier for healthcare specialists and patients to exchangevital information. As mobile and technology advances, social media becomesavailable to more individuals. According to Richins and Brown (2015) “Growth insocial media has increased due to usage patterns in all age groups includingthe elderly.”.  Specific social mediaplatforms have been set up to connect patients with doctors and other patientsto share and receive the vital information individuals may need. An example ofthese specific social media platform is the Cleveland Clinic Facebook Page, a Facebookpage set up to share information with patients and be an outlet for patients toconnect with their doctors and other patients who may be experiencing similar symptomsor illness’.

Househ, Borycki, E and Kushniruk conducted a study in 2014 todetermine the growth of social media use for healthcare and indicated apromising future for the effectiveness of patients using social media.  

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